Part 5: Entrepreneurial Business Prayer Declaration [video] – Transcribed

Father I ask in Jesus name, release angelic beings that are assign to marshal the boundaries of the terrain and territories that belong to me. Cast out satanic demonic squatters. War against those that war against me, fight against those that fight against me. Prepare a banqueting table before me in the presence of my […]

Part 3: Entrepreneurial Business Prayer Declaration by Cindy Trimm

Father I decree and declare with You all things are possible(Matthew 19:26). I shall not procrastinate. I act now without hesitation, anxiety or fear. I excel in all things(Corinthians 8:7). I breath today with the anticipation of great things happening for me, to me, in me and with me. I celebrate the creativity of God […]

Entrepreneurial Business Prayer Declaration by Cindy Trimm – Part 1

Those that hear will sense and feel an anointing and as this is recorded I pray that the anointing will break yokes. I pray hope will come back to homes and marriages will be healed. I pray for a second chance for those that have backslided. I pray Father that yokes will be broken and […]

Part 4: Entrepreneurial Business Prayer Declaration by Cindy Trimm

Grant me, Hallelujah an expansion and give me the capacity for growth and development. The Edenic anointing, the anointing to  be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and to have dominion (Genesis 1:28). I activate it in the name of Jesus. I activate the same anointing to manifest itself and create a healthy lifestyle and to be […]

Women: Is Wearing Earrings Sinful?

QUESTION: “I see you wearing earrings in your videos but it is a sin in the Bible and people are receiving revelations that women are in hell because of this. What is your view on that?” This is my response: If people are going to hell because they wear earrings, then you can be rest […]

Understanding Kingdom Wealth & Prosperity: Kingdom Principles For Financial Empowerment

So many people misunderstand prosperity, as a matter of fact, someone once said it was a sin to be rich. Perhaps many people have been brainwashed to think this way due to the large number of false prophets or ministers trying to take money from God’s people, but regardless of what people do, God never changes. […]

Dr. Cindy Trimm’s Rules of Engagement Prayer – Transcribed (Part 3)

Father we also decree and declare that a prayer shield, the anointing and a bloodline, Hallelujah, forms a hedge of protection which hide us from familiar spirits and from all demonic personalities, making it difficult, if not impossible for them to track us in the realm of the spirit. There shall be no perforations and […]

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