African Churches: Praying “Let Them Die” Prayers is Unscriptural

Today many churches, particularly African churches, pray the prayer of “let them die”. Often times when you go into such a church, you would hear prayers that incite “let them die”. Who are they referring to? Their enemies. *Now the … read more


the country church

Evangelizing with the Holy Ghost

Evangelism is not a task or activity that a person should literally carry on their shoulder because the actual work of evangelism is done by the Holy Spirit. Evangelism is not something we can achieve alone but with the help … read more


Gatekeepers Praying As Warriors

We do not pray ‘like’ warriors, instead we pray ‘as’ the warriors that we are. On two occasions, the Lord spoke to me about the spirit of a warrior and the work of gatekeepers. In the end I came to … read more


Why It looks like Your Prayers Are Not Being Answered

We have always been told that a prayerful christian is a powerful christian, but this is FALSE. A prayerful christian is not a powerful Christian. A christian with a revelation and understanding of the word of God is a powerful … read more


Our Savior is Born!

Whatever you do this Christmas, remember Jesus is the reason for the season! Without us (those who need salvation), Jesus would not come into this world. It was for us that He came to save us, deliver us, set us … read more



You Can Hear God’s Voice! – Day 1 Devo

John Bevere’s “The Holy Spirit: an introduction” is a study guide/devotional that will help you cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. I have answered some of the questions he asks in the daily guide but … read more


6 Ways to Pray the Atomic power of Prayer

The Lord impressed upon my heart to write this “how to” for people who might be wondering how to use the atomic power of prayer or have not considered the many ways of praying this prayer. This prayer has blessed … read more