What To Expect When You Take the Holy Communion?

We have heard a lot about the Holy Communion, some of us do take it in church and at home; but what really happens when we do? After reading Joseph Prince’s “Health & Wholeness Through the Holy Communion”, I have gained more understanding and I’d like to share this with you. Personal Testimony of the […]

Prayer Guidelines For Full Delivery of the Consolidation Agenda

While seeking the face of the Lord concerning hat the year 2015 holds, I kept hearing the voice of the Spirit saying, Consolidation! Consolidation! Consolidation!!! Immediately, I came to the understanding that God has a consolidation agenda for us in 2015. Prayer Guidelines Towards The Full Delivery of the Consolidation Agenda 2015 Consolidation here implies […]

How To Find Your Calling & Pursue It

QUESTION: How Do I know my calling & How Do I Pursue it? First seek the face of God…although He is so good to us that many times He just tells us without us asking. Howbeit, People can know their calling (in general) through one or more of the following: Prophecies God speaking to them […]

Why You Should Never Borrow or Use Credit For “Prophets Offering”

I was watching “The Word Network” the other day and almost threw up at the things coming out of the mouths of those who say they are prophets, bishops and pastors of God. I watched in amazement as one said that God told her to borrow money from her credit card to pay an offering, […]

The Tithing Principle: Tithing The Right Way

It is important that we examine what the bible says concerning tithing rather than follow after every wind of doctrine and lies that are spread throughout the church. Everyone has a responsibility to search for truth by themselves because on the day of judgement, everyman will give account. You cannot blame a pastor for making […]

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