The Power of The Holy Communion

Do you take medications for an ailment or are you suffering from a diseases that has kept you in bondage? Perhaps you need to try a different medication that will not only cure you of your ailment but also refresh, renew … read more


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Evangelizing with the Holy Ghost

Evangelism is not a task or activity that a person should literally carry on their shoulder because the actual work of evangelism is done by the Holy Spirit. Evangelism is not something we can achieve alone but with the help … read more


What Happened To The Synagogue Building Collapse Killing over 40 people

This is a very sad situation and we are to pray for those who have lost loved ones. Some of them were probably from oversees, Prophet TB Joshua himself is under immense pressure and many people are severely affected. They have … read more


Our Savior is Born!

Whatever you do this Christmas, remember Jesus is the reason for the season! Without us (those who need salvation), Jesus would not come into this world. It was for us that He came to save us, deliver us, set us … read more


21 Prayer Points For Supernatural Breakthrough

You can pray the prayer below as many times as you want until you feel that confidence that your declarations are effecting change in the name of Jesus! Zech. 1:18-20, Hebrew 11:1 CONFESSION:    Zechariah 1:17: Cry yet, saying Thus said the … read more


A Form of Divination: Horoscopes :designed to trap you!

Unknown to many, there are several forms of subtle divination, occultic practices and witchcraft (such as Psychics, Tarot, Palm reading, Ouija, horoscopes (also known as zodiac sign),  astrology and all forms of divination. Many people end up practicing them for … read more


Freed From Bondage By Grace

Recently I came across the true gospel of Grace. I mean grace at its core. I am not talking about mixing the law with grace: the mentality of a little works here and a little grace there. But having a … read more