Engaging the Power of Wisdom

Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.” (Prov. 24:3-4 – TLB.) Engaging the Power of Wisdom on the Altar of Prayer From scriptures, we discover that wisdom also answers to prayers – James 1:5-8. Solomon asked for wisdom and it was […]

Bishop Oyedepo’s Operating in the Supernatural

As usual, I just finished reading this book : Operating in the Supernatural by Bishop David Oyedepo. It is a pretty small book with only 102 pages but it is life transforming. He opens with “understanding your root in the supernatural”, which was indeed an eye opener. Then he goes further to show how we […]

Should MEN (Believers) wear ear-rings?

Even though the answer to this question is debatable, we can still arrive at “truth”. On the spiritual side, one could argue that there is nothing wrong with guys wearing earrings because we live by grace and God does not judge them based on that; but on the physical side it is not a generally accepted […]

What To Expect When You Take the Holy Communion?

We have heard a lot about the Holy Communion, some of us do take it in church and at home; but what really happens when we do? After reading Joseph Prince’s “Health & Wholeness Through the Holy Communion”, I have gained more understanding and I’d like to share this with you. Personal Testimony of the […]

Time to Move: Midst Of The Year Divine Visitation

Another midst of the year is here – the months of June and July. The midst of the year is a season of divine visitation ordained for the supernatural breakthroughs of the saints as a result of the move of God or spiritual awakening in the midst of His people – Hab 3:2-19 That Is: As […]

Understanding The Altar of Prayer & Fasting

There are only three (3) world of possibilities that rule the world: they are Faith (1), Prayer (2), and Fasting (3) (Matt 17:21); howbeit Fasting without prayer is a waste of time. Fasting is a spiritual facilitator to Prayer. Fasting has no value on its own, it is prayer that gives value to fasting. The altar of fasting […]

The Blood Triumph – Part 2

CONTINUED: PART 1 Excerpts from The Blood Triumph by David Oyedepo. | The Blood Triumph There are some principalities you can destroy with the anointing & word but when it comes to Satan Himself, the blood of Jesus is God’s irresistible last card! The blood of Jesus is the instrument for purging inside of man, which is the […]

Triumph of the Blood of Jesus Christ – Part 1

After reading the Book: Triumph of the Blood by Bishop David Oyedepo. I was so blessed that I couldn’t help but share. I am a strong believer of the word (water) and I always use it in prayer for victory. But I noticed somethings (demonic forces) remain defiantly stubborn and I have always asked why and what […]

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