16 WAYS To Practice Agape Love (W-Series)

Many times when we hear “give”, we automatically think “money” but there are many other ways to give. Giving comes in diverse dimensions even when we don’t pay attention to it. Giving can be caring for others, blessing others with kind words, loving, expressing ourselves, kissing, holding them, material needs, and many other ways.  It is therefore imperative to take heed when you GIVE lest you give or deposit “negative” things into the lives of people.


“It is not how much you give but how much love you put into your giving” ~Mother Theresa

Giving with the right intentions is very important. Many people give in order to get something back or to repay a favor but God wants us to give with a pure heart and for His sake. He gave us life that we might have life more abundantly so it should be in our nature to dip our living in LOVE.

You cannot love without giving but you can give without loving -the latter being empty because it will burn – profits nothing (1 Corinthians 13).

16 WAYS To Give Agape Love

If you are giving make sure you put some love into it. Make it a habit to put your heart into your giving.


“And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)

  1. Give your time [volunteer your time to help the needy, visit the homeless, the fatherless, the orphan, children, elderly ]
  2. Give a favor: do someone a favor, open the door for them, etc
  3. Give your support [encourage your loved ones, tell them you know they can do it, etc]
  4. Give your attention [make someone feel special by paying very close attention to them, listen to them attentively, stay focused, share their pain and worries and encourage them to stay strong]
  5. Give your feet [run errands for people, take a walk with them even when you don’t feel like, go places with them, stand in the gap for them, stand and speak for them when they can’t or are shy, timid, etc ]
  6. Give your talent, skills, knowledge [help others fix something, teach them how to do it, use your talent to help anyone who wants to know about something that are knowledge about]
  7. Give  your voice [sing and use your vocal to edify others. Let God use you to give Love to others.]
  8. Give your heart in prayer and intercession for others [don’t quit praying until you see a change]
  9. Give a smile [dipped in love]
  10. Give a Kiss [there is so much agape love in kissing when we kiss with a pure heart. This has nothing to do with Erotic love. Kiss them and tell them you love them]
  11. Give a hug [dipped in plenty of love]
  12. Give your money, material possession, give things that you need and cherish, etc
  13. Give your time [ fellowship with the brethren, be patient with them, visit the poor, homeless, give you time to listen, share, cook, teach, laugh, editing discussions-talk, etc]
  14. Give your hands [ hold their hands, help someone today by holding them up spiritually and physically].
  15. Give kind words (Also Give your word): [bless people with kind words and let them know how special they are to God, tell them you love them and care about them and cherish them, etc]
  16. JUST Give LOVE  [Meditate on 1 Corinthians 13 and let God fill you with His love so you can give more love to everyone God sends your way]

How do you give LOVE in your own special way?

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