20 Reasons Why Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen

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Many Christians are mouth-professing Jesus and on their way to hell. Examine your life today and do the will of the Father, otherwise you will be left behind.

“While the law is not the gospel, the gospel is not lawless. That a person said the salvation prayer or even had an encounter with Jesus is not guarantee or easy pass to eternal glory. Work out your own salvation with fear & trembling. Pursue Holiness, without which no man will see #God#Wakeup Many ‘re still sleeping.” – D’Blessing AgapEkind

20 Reasons Why Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen

Only the few who obey the word of God and do not deny His name will be chosen among the sons of men. Many have been called but few shall be chosen. This is a revelation/encounter given to Emmanuel SamsonJude (link below).

  • 1. Genuine Salvation

This is the first step, and then a walking out of your salvation. Are you born of corruptible seed or incorruptible seed. Great multitudes are not truly saved. They have not had an encounter with Jesus. The day you become born again, you enter into sonship with God and a son is expected to be obedient to his Father to remain in good standing. This is attained through the grace of God, in Jesus Christ. For this reason, many are called, but few are chosen.

  • 2. Genuine Sanctification

There are so many doctrines setup by Pastors and the by the standards of men. When sanctification comes, anger, pride of life, lust, love of money, hatred, bitterness of the heart, envy, unforgiveness, false accuser, lying, gossiping, evil desire, evil imagination, fighting, false witness, divided heart, etc will melt away. Without genuine sanctification, you cannot be among the few. Do not defraud your brother in any matter for God is the avenger of all. God has not called us to uncleanness but unto Holiness. Sanctification is the total purging of the heart from all uncleanness. This is attained through the grace of God, in Jesus Christ. 

  • 3. Genuine Holy Ghost Baptism

Many in the church do not bother to enter into a relationship with the Holy Ghost while many are possessed with the spirit of divination, they speak in tongues but their tongues is not of the Holy Spirit. For this reason, only few will be chosen.

  • 4. Fervent Evangelism

The law of any country which is against Evangelism is not an excuse not to preach the gospel. Many have neglected evangelism, have become afraid of men, government, etc. If people do not preach the gospel and win souls, rescue the perishing, care for the dying, etc…especially since we have all been called to do so, such person can not be among the chosen.

  • 5. Fervent Quite Time with Holy Ghost

Many do not spend quality time with the Holy Ghost. This is a time to have communion with Holy Spirit, interceding for the lost, the church and the world, take important information from God and pass it on, but many do not have time for the Lord. For this purpose, just few will be chosen.

  • 6. Charity To The Poor, Widow & Orphans

Many are guilty of this and offended in Christ because they do not visit the Fatherless, the Widow (which is pure religion) and people who fall into this category cannot be among the chosen.

  • 7. Supporter of Satanic Churches

Support of False Prophets and Satanic churches are not among the number. Those that give our their money to satanic churches, promote false churches to be popular, preaching and spreading false materials,etc etc cannot be among the choses. For this purpose, just few will be chosen.

  • 8. Preachers of Damnation

Preachers that preach their own damnation are not in the number. These are preachers who preach about heaven but do not strive to enter, they enforce others to do so yet they have not totally surrendered their life to Jesus, they have not crucified self will and self pleasing. Many preachers whom people recommend shall be disappointed at the coming of Christ.

  •  9. Idol Worshipers / Idolaters

Those with idols in their lives are not in the number. Their are people are place more importance and love for their husband, children, wife, education, business, etc instead of Jesus Christ. They love money more than Jesus Christ. Whatever you cherish most is your idol, for this purpose, only few will be saved.

  •  10. Fruits of The Holy Spirit

If you want to be in the number, you must have the 9 fruits of the spirit. Galatians 5:22-23, against such there is no love. For the lack of this, only few will be chosen.

  •  11. Speak Evil of No Man

If you want to be in the number, speak evil of no man. Not slanderous, evil, harmful or poisonous including gossiping and condemnation. Whatever you would not want the person you are talking about to hear or in front of the person, avoid it. Avoid the gatherings of gossipers because these shall not be among the few that shall be chosen. For no one will speak wickedly and ever escape judgement.

  •  12. Restitution

Do not ignore restitution. Those you have cursed, bless them. Restore stolen things. Keep no malice with anybody. Have Fulfill every Godly vow and forgive everyone that trespass against you. Have no evil thought against anyone that persecute you or speak evil of you. Pay every vow. Those found here shall not be among the few that shall be chosen.

  •  13. You Must Have Faith

You must have faith if you want to be in the number. Many Christians complain a lot and doubt the Lord. They worry and doubt the power of God and yet Jesus Christ has said complain for nothing, doubt for nothing, etc…for this purpose only few shall be saved.

  •  14. Avoid Wordly Dressing/Fashion

Avoid indecent and harlot clothes and materials that will expose your body and stir others to lust, avoid changing the color of your eyes, body, and hair for it is dishonor to me, avoid painting your face for you are already created well, avoid harlot materials, avoid decorating yourself with Jewelries, attachment and ungodly haircut, don’t tattoo your body, avoid going to club, singing of songs and tv programs which does not bring glory to God but to the praise of the world, avoid fornication and adultery, avoid worldly dance, sexual appeal attire, avoid divorce, avoid watching fornication and masturbation. For this purpose, just few that shall be chosen.

  •  15. Avoid Costly Apparel

Many spend their money on costly apparel, costly phone, costly things while the church and work of Jesus suffers. They have their reward.  For this purpose, just few that shall be chosen

  •  16. Don’t Be Self Dependable

Don’t be self dependable, trust in the strength and power of Jesus Christ. Avoid self exaltation, self approval, self seeking, pride, etc. For this purpose, just few that shall be chosen.

  •  17. Never Turn Back

Never turn back from the way of holiness, many have become tired of the walk and tired of waiting for my coming. Some have gone back to the world because of affliction, persecution, hardship, etc. For this purpose, just few that shall be chosen.

  •  18. Be Doers, Not Hearers

Many hear about holiness, righteousness, evangelism, charity, restitution, total consecration, but never attempt to do them. They obey part of my word and refuse the rest. They select my word and the ones they like to do and refuse to do strict ones. For this purpose, just few shall be chosen.

  •  19. Obey Your Assignment

I call so many people but they reject my call upon their life. I tell people to warn a sinner and they disobey, they refuse to do my word. For this purpose, just few shall be chosen.

  •  20. Avoid Promise & Fail

This is a very common thing that will disqualify many. People promise to pray for people, to help people, to do something but they do not do what they say they will do. They are unfaithful to the words of their mouth. For this purpose, just few that shall be chosen.

Seek me and you shall know more reasons why only few shall be chosen, they are written in my word. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church – Jesus Christ.

Revelation given to Emmanuel SamsonJude

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