3+ Day DRY Prayer & Fasting Plan

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I just finished a 3+ day dry fast  (purpose: OPEN HEAVENS) and thought I’d share the agenda with you! You can decide to follow this formula or make yours!


The fast can be started at 6am or 12am. The time that we start determines when we end. That is, if I start at 12am in the morning then I will end at 12am on the last day of the fast. This completes the cycle of 3 full days rather than 2 days and a partial day if it ends at 6pm of the last day.

Below are the things/activities that will be accomplished during the fast. You can mix and blend the activity within the day or as the Spirit leads but if possible, pick an activity and place it under each slot (morning, afternoon, night) to suit your schedule or needs. This is a sample of my own personal plan. You can swap things around.


  1. First, what is your purpose? Determine your purpose, which should be centered around worshiping GOD and doing His will and not trying to get something from Him. [This should be determined even before you start the fast/set a time. However, you can start out with guidance from the Holy Spirit and He will lead you straight to what He wants you to be fasting for but you should have discussed this with Him before you begin]
  2. Shut off phone or keep on silence, do not answer calls that are not important. The purpose of a fast is not just to stay away from food but to cut down on those things that you would normally do. Those things you derive pleasure from, STOP! Read Isaiah 58:1-12

  3. Pick sermons to listen to throughout the day

  4. Pick songs to listen to and meditate on throughout the day

  5. Set aside at least one hour to pray in the morning, afternoon and night

  6. Pick a book to read (it should be a book that focuses on the reason for your fast)

  7. Pick verses of scripture that focus on the reason for your prayer and fasting

  8. Read, memorize and meditate on those scriptures (pick at least 2 hours –morning, afternoon, night)

  9. Pick a movie that helps you understand a chapter or verse of scripture. Images stick longer than text reading. Example: The Bible Story: David

  1. Prophecy /Prophetically speak into your life those things that God has opened your eyes to. As you read your bible, He will bring specific words to you, note them and pray with them, speak them into your life and meditate on them.

  2. As a reminder, continuously ask God for a revelation and prepare your mind every time you begin to read the word of God.

  3. Remember, as you work with the plan below, do not make it a routine. Always consult the Holy Spirit and He will let you know exactly what you need to be doing at a particular time. You may not even need to do the things listed below but the things He moves you to do.

  4. Finally Expect an OPEN HEAVEN! Get acquainted with the GLORY of GOD!


  1. The name of God

  2. The Seer

  3. In heaven (experiencing the throne of GOD)

  4. Working with Angels

  5. Prayers for Open Heavens

  6. Secrets of the dark Kingdom

  7. What happened from the cross to the throne


  1. Open Heavens by Dr Renny Mclean

  2. The fullness of GOD by Pastor Christ

  3. The Impact of the Holy Spirit by Pastor Chris

  4. The Power of Thought by Pastor Chris

  5. Faith Teachings ( By Kenneth Hagin, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome )

  6. The Blood of Jesus


  1. Atomic power of Prayer

  2. His Kingdom Prophecy Prayer

  3. Open heaven Prayers


  1. 365 Names of Gods (meditate)

  2. Meditate: There is power in the name of Jesus


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