3 Day Prayer & Fasting

Hallelujah! The 3 Day Dry Prayer & Fasting For ‘Next Level’ Breakthrough starts tomorrow Nov 7, 2014 at 12am. I am very glad that you have decided to join in on this wonderful time with the lord. You can choose to start at 12am or 6am. For a full cycle, the time you start will also determine when you end. There are many fasting options to choose from as seen below.


Read, study and meditate on the following:

1.) Isaiah 58:1-12 (Memorize & Meditate)
2.) John 17:26 (Read & Memorize)
3.) 1 Corinthians 13 ( Read, Study & Meditate on this for the entire 3 days).

5am – 6am 12pm-1pm & 6pm – 7pm (CST) Dail in (1-857-232-0157, Access code #258547 or see youtube posts for the day.

I will most likely post updates about the fasting to Agapekind youtube channel, so please subscribe if you haven’t already done so. .

What is Fasting? http://goo.gl/uMfUFn
Types of Fasting To choose from http://goo.gl/Xdd7ui
What to do during the fast? http://goo.gl/MvuQ1K
12 Reasons Why We Fast http://goo.gl/yIFeCn
How Long should I fast? http://goo.gl/0BgMsN


Water and juice fast for the 3 days – drinking only water, fruit and vegetable juices (no solid food for 3 days or you can establish the number of days you will be on a water and juice fast and then switch over to another type of fast)

Water & 1 meal – fasting from midnight to 6:00 p.m. and breaking after 6:00 p.m. daily  (you can eat 1 full meal a day and snacks after 6:00 p.m. till 11:59 p.m.)

The Daniel Fast – Eat no meat, no sweets and no bread. Drink water and juice. Eat fruits and vegetables.

Partial Fast – fasting from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm or  6:00a.m – 6:00 p.m. from sun up to sundown.(You can select from any of the three types of fasting listed above to incorporate into the partial fast).

Water Only – fasting from midnight to 6:00 p.m. and breaking after 6:00 p.m. daily.

Absolute – 3 Days Dry fast (no food or water). Only do this if you are experienced. Check with your doctor to and make sure you don’t do this if this is your first time.

More Details will be emailed to you starting Thursday night, please prepare your mind.

If possible, please take the survey before you start

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9 Responses to 3 Day Prayer & Fasting

  1. Sonia Robinson says:

    Great I’m on my second day partial fast 6am – 6pm it’s a struggle but I’m trusting God for my breakthrough and getting closer to him in building my spiritual life.

  2. Marise dhaiti says:

    Can l fast from 6pm to 6am for 7 days

  3. Hannah machief says:

    I want to know more about fasting

  4. Kingsley says:

    I started Esther fasting from midnight Tuesday morning. When do I have to brake the 3 Days fast?

  5. Niomi santos says:

    Five days fastin

  6. sindiswa gwanya says:

    Ive inly fasted for a day not 3days these will help. i need a breakthrough frm debts and financial strain. please help with scriptures as well

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