A Cry For Modesty: Where is Modesty?

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Where is Modesty? Poem – by D’Blessing AgapEkind

  • Where is modesty?
  • Where is chastity?
  • Where have we left her?
  • Where is our cloak?
  • Many of our homes
  • fall prey to deception
  • and fiery seduction
  • because we opened the door
  • to seducing spirits
  • Plese bring back modesty
  • to our churches
  • to our homes
  • to our marriages
  • Where is modesty?
  • Where have we left her?
  • whatsoever a man sowth
  • so he shall also reap
  • Oh sleeping one
  • Awake before it’s too late
  • Awake before you sell out
  • Awake before it’s midnight
  • A time cometh
  • When time shall elude us
  • And there shall be no more mercy
  • to undo our misery
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