It all started in when I came to understand what it meant to be “born of the Father”. I was instantly born again in my room while at school. The Lord visited me when I least expected it, since that day, I could not be stopped, I could not be silent, I had a strong urge rise up within me to share the gospel and that was how thankGodforJesus.org was birthed. I proceeded to set up this blog to share wonderful things about the Kingdom of Abba and the life of His son Jesus Christ. Although I am now caretaker to The AgapEkind Ministry, you must understand that this blog is like a baby to me. I sometimes post ministry materials here, but for the most part, I use this platform to relate more to people on a personal level.

What is tGfJ About?

tGfJ (Thank God For Jesus) is a resource based platform for Christian work, projects, and books: promoting insightful, powerful, and supernatural move of God, hence we will often post materials from all around the world– focusing on deliverance, prayer and fasting, the supernatural, healing, the prophetic, dreams and visions, spiritual growth and walk, Christian living and character, and many more themes.

tGfJ’s AIM

The aim of TGFJ is to encourage the people of God to fight the good fight of faith in love (1 Corinthians 13) and let love (God) carry us through every challenge we may come across. As a way of helping people, TGFJ promises to post and recommend powerful materials and resources such as daily devotional, inspiration, motivation, direction, daily manna or otherwise daily bread, prayer mountain, prayer books and points, and fasting.


ThankGodforJesus.org focuses on educating online users of spiritual truths based on biblical principles and divine revelations. A true Christian born of God and redeemed in the blood of Christ is more than a conqueror, an overcomer and will never be put to shame. Read the word of God daily for your daily bread and see God transform you in the most captivating way!



Let me introduce you to the one true love, the all in one partner and the one who gives the inspiration to write. Meet the one and only, the reason life exists, the one who gives life, who gives strength, who gives hope, who gives once a reason to live, the breathe that we breathe, our everything. His name is Jesus Christ.

Do you have a topic or issue you would like answers to based on biblical principles? We would be more than happy to join you in the search for truth!

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