Atomic power of prayer words: PART 6

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Atomic power of prayer words: PART 6 (Leadership & Government)

Our schools and colleges and universities are free from ignorance, circular and humanistic inductranization, perversion, gang-banging, drugs, illegal solicitation, perversion, deviance and illiteracy. Our churches are free from compromise, carnality, luke-warmess, worldliness, anti-Semitism, humanism, disunity, prosecution, religious and denominationalism, from immorality and unethical dealing. Our governments are free from tyranny, dictatorship, Coup de tête, greed, underhandedness, thievery, cruelty, harshness, severity, insensitivity, bigotry, and bias. We declare and degree and just and moral government replaces tyrannical governance. We declare that those in high places and places of authority who mean us no good be replaced hallelujah! By those that mean us good. Bring alignment to our government and worldly leaders. We know that the heart of the king, queens, presidents, vice-presidents, prime ministers – are in the hands of the Lord. Save our world leaders and protect their minds and hearts from satanic oppression and seductions. Give them wisdom to lead with verity and compassion as their companion. Give them moral and ethical conveyance. We pray for magistrates, governors, parliamentary, senators, city officials, congress men, congress women, household representatives, supreme courts, justice of peace, police, fireman, state legislators, federal and state governors, city planners, politicians, policy makers. We cry out, hallelujah! That every system in the name of Jesus. Bring divine alignment to every facet of these systems: environmental system, educational system, economic system, cultic system, defense system, spiritual system, medical system, entertainment system, technological system, governmental political system, astronomical system, scientific system. I decree and declare that our neighborhood, our communities, our cities, our parishes, our counties, our countries shall arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you hallelujah! You shall prosper and be in good economic health even as the soul of these cities communities and countries prospers. You shall obey the commands of God. You shall know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The wealth of the sea shall be converted and positively impact the GDP and GMP. You shall know Jehovah hallelujah that He is the true God. Your gates shall receive the wealth of nations. You shall be nourished and nourish the press of royalties Instead of bronze God will give you Gold, Instead of stone, God will give you Silver. Hallelujah! Violence shall no longer be heard in your land. Peace shall be your governor and righteousness your ruler. Hallelujah! Instead of Stone, God will give you Silver. You shall not experience ruin and destruction. Hallelujah! As a nation, you shall not collapse for ruin nor shall destruction no longer be within your borders.  Wolfs and darkness shall be eradicated because God will be your everlasting light and glory. Your days of sorrow, and struggle and hardship are coming to an end. The heart of the people shall rejoice again as they place their hope in God. Your sadness and depression shall be replaced with joy of the Lord. Your lack shall be replaced with abundance. Your prejudice and treachery shall be replaced with celebration of ethnicities. The favor of the Lord shall encompass you as the waters of the sea. Your sons and daughters of your soul shall grow to be great world leaders, innovators, trail blazers, standard of excellence, honesty, immorality and integrity, credibility, righteousness, and ethical dealings.

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