Atomic power of prayer words: PART 7

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Atomic power of prayer words: PART 7 (Personal Warefare)

I severe the head of the boa constricting-like forces that attempt to strangle, suffocate, stagnate, stifle  and crush. Let the sword of the Spirit destroy off the head of the cobra-like spirit  which strikes with its tongue and is responsible for mesmerization, seduction, terror, ego-entanglement, manipulation, mind-control, destiny-altering activity, black magic, white magic, divination, demonology, new age, sent aria, hexes, sorcery, enhancements, dream penetration, deception and broken focus. Let the all-consuming fire of God destroy the python-like spirit that overwhelms, creates false burdens, exasperates, and swallows up blessings, hallelujah! Everything that the enemy has swallowed up, overwhelmed, exasperated, I command it to be spit out, coughed up and released. I command our Children to be released, our marriage to be released, our money to be released, our business to be released, our opportunities to be released, our riches to be released, our destiny to be released, our success to be released our house to be released, our purpose to be released, our miracles to be released in the name of Jesus release our blessing. Father we give you praise, hallelujah! We know that you are hearing us even now. We just stop to release our praise. We give you glory, we give you honor God because we recognize that without prayer hallelujah! It seems as if nothing occurs. Father we begin to prevail into a higher power of prayer. Hallelujah! We shift hallelujah! into a position of dominion and authority. We thank you oh God hallelujah! For those that are listening, we thank you oh God that their lives are turned around hallelujah! We thank you oh God for turnaround. Things will change. They got to change. Father we petition the throne room of heaven. We thank you oh God that even as we prevail in prayer, hallelujah! There are many in the bible that raised their heart and their spirit because they understood that hallelujah! If you did not intervene, there will be no intervention. Hallelujah! …even as the children of Israel cried out to you.  You sent them deliverers. Father today, we cry out to you. Let them come out of the grave; let them come out of the wall. Hallelujah! We call the sons of God forth hallelujah! We command them to be released in the name of Jesus. Father, in the name of Jesus, release everything hallelujah! that the enemy has illegally held up and held back. Let the power of the Holy Ghost and the power from on high destroy the rattler-snake like spirit which causes venomous contamination, malicious gossips. Let their tongues cling to the roof of their mouth hallelujah! This spirit causes toxic and noxic relationships. It causes pain and discomfort. It causes confusion, it causes hemorrhaging of joy, peace, finances, natural and spiritual resources. Father I decree and declare that there will be no more hemorrhaging, our joy will not leak out, our peace will not leak out, our resources will not hemorrhage anymore. Bind up the wound. Father we decree and declare that deterioration, disorientation, disillusionment and devastation are destroyed. Every kind of fatality hallelujah that this spirit causes is reversed…allegations, abusive relationships, and death. I decree and declare that this is reversed. We are freed, our children are freed, our loved ones are freed. We intervene right now through prayer, we intercept hallelujah the activities of this spirits in the name of Jesus. Father we decree that we shall not hold bitterness, falsehood, jealousy, slander, envy, defiant or offences in our hearts. Hallelujah! towards anyone. These spirits shall not control us. Free us from negative emotions. Father we come against hunters of the night, those that camouflage themselves and those that slider under rocks to hide awaiting the right moment to strike at us. We pull the covers off of their charades, we decree and declare that the camouflage, falsehood, sodality, duplicity, hypocrisy, hallelujah! We pull the cover off. We decree and declare that they are exposed. The camouflage of falsehood is exposed in the name of Jesus. Duplicity, fraudulent activities, disloyalty and deception we destroy you by the power of God. We decree every weapon formed against us is impotent. Every threat constructed malfunctions, every diabolical contract is nullified, every smear campaign fails, every evil curse is reversed and sent back to its originated double-fold, every spiritual snake, wolf in sheep clothing, raven, vulture, and vampire is paralyzed in Jesus Name!

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