Atomic power of prayer words: PART 9

Atomic power of prayer words: PART 9 (Personal Prophetic Declarations). I resist advancements to destroy my life, my influence, my ministry, my business, my prosperity, my relationships and opportunity. I break out of satanic bondage and resist bewitchment. Father severe illegal spiritual attachments, covenants, contracts, obligations, vows, in the name of Jesus I reverse satanic contaminations. Cause the blood of Jesus to purify and decontaminate my soul and spirit. In your name I break free from every evil thoughts, physic power, projections, suggestions, innuendos that have been designed to discourage, mislead or confuse. Destroy evil spiritual transferences. Cancel illegal soul ties, ego-entanglements, unravel and severe ego-entanglements hallelujah! Wash me and I shall be clean. Free me from satanic emotional manipulations. I nullify the spirit of sabotage, seduction and deception. I shall not be undermined, underestimated, or undervalued. I nullify defamation of character through slander. I reverse bad reputation and stigmatization by association. I declare that all contaminations are rearligated by the blood of Jesus. I declare my name is associated with honesty, integrity, righteousness, holiness, uprightness and purity. Frustrate and bring to nought the evil prognosticators. Father, reverse evil decrees, disappoint those operating in the spirit of hamman as you overrule and veto diabolical originated legislations, policies hallelujah and regulations. Expose and disgrace the enemy in all their scheme strategies, tactics, plots, plans and devious ways. I put up a resistance: let the fire of God destroy the activities of the enemy. Those that have constructed satanic snares, demonic traps, let their plans be voided and assignments frustrated. Unveil and expose evil collaborators and collaborations. Let those who have gathered be scattered, never to be regrouped again. Let their eyes be darkened that they see not, their ears be blocked that they hear not. Let them seek their sustenance out of desolate places. Stretch forth your hand against them and cover them with reproach, dishonor and shame. Prosecute them with a tempest of judgment and a storm of displeasure. Make them afraid of the arrows by day and the terror by night. Arise oh God and let your enemies be scattered. Close every door and gate to satan. Prohibit him access to my property. Be my fire by night and smoke by day. Let not the enemy track of trace me as I advance in my kingdom assignment and fulfill my purpose. Cause every satanic agent assigned to hold up or slow down my blessings to be frustrated foiled and hindered from fulfilling their assignment. Let every prophetic word be manifested in their proper time and season hallelujah! Father I reiterate my times are in your hand. Let every and all demonic activities associated with financial hardship failure and setback be terminated. Father paralyze that which hinders me from moving into greatness. Roll the rocks and boulders away that are blocking my financial, social, physical, and spiritual breakthroughs in the name of Jesus. Neutralize the effect of all satanic operations, overthrow satanic tables of negotiations, consultation, and exchange. I declare every table is overthrown hallelujah! Destroy every evil devise, strategy and technology fashioned for my failure. I overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of the testimony hallelujah! Through Christ I bulldoze my way pass demonic door keepers and keepers of the gates. Cut asunder the gates of brass and the bars of iron. Open my eyes and ears to the things of the Spirit. Overthrown and overrule the assignments of spirits that will cause spiritual blindness, deafness, hallelujah and cause my voice to be muted. I lift up my voice like a trumpet in zion to declare Jesus is Lord. I declare He rules and reigns over my life and this region. For this reason was the son of God made manifest that He would destroy the works of the enemy. Pierce the darkness with the light of your presence, illumination, wisdom, insight, and power. Let not darkness comprehend, apprehend or prevent it from fulfilling His assignment. I loose every strong man associated with spiritual blindness and inability to hear from your assignment and bind you to a new assignment and that is to become part of the footstool of Jesus. I command prisons and walls to come down. I break through all anti-destiny, anti-purpose, anti-passion, anti-divine, anti-success, anti-prosperity, anti-Christ demonic force. By you God I run through (tubes?), by you I leap over walls hallelujah into new realms of unlimited possibilities and opportunities: a realm which has no limits and boundaries. I break my way into a wealthy place. I tap into, thrive, prosper, and sustained into the realm of the supernatural. I decree and declare in you I live, in you I breathe, in you I have my being. I live in my prophetegotion. Oh God I decree that my spheres of influence are now enlarged. Every spirit that causes abortions and accidents, whether by water way, or high way, or by way—I take authority over it now. I bind you by divine fireworks and smokescreens. I blind you by divine fireworks and smokescreens. I decree and declare that your satanic GPS systems malfunction and irreparably destroyed. Every illegitimate activity I arrest it in the name of Jesus and reverse your effect. Jehovah you have given me authority over all the power of the enemy. The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent takes it by force. I therefore possess by possessions and take it by FORCE.

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