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Atomic power of prayer words transcribed: PART 2

–Prayer by Cindy Trimm, continued from: Atomic power of prayer words transcribed PART 1
CONTINUED PRAYER—->>>I am nonresponsive to demonic depression. I establish my superior authority over this region by the blood of Jesus, the Word of God, by the Spirit of God. For this reason I remind You that the Son of God was made manifest, that He would destroy the works of the devil. I decree that the works of the devil are destroyed. It is destroyed over this region, it is destroyed over my neighborhood, it is destroyed over my body, over my family, over my children, over my loved ones, over my ministry, over my pastor, over my doctor and lawyer, and over my government. The evil works of the devil is destroyed. I declare and decree that the plans and the purposes of God shall prevail. The word of God prevails. Hallelujah! His will prevails. My prophetic purpose and destiny prevails. My vision prevails. My business prevails. My ideas prevail. I prophecy to the four winds, that things that have died prematurely and dried up because of satanic activities are quickened and come to life. I declare that the pieces of my destiny and financial ministerial relational puzzle: it comes together. My life comes together. I decree, hallelujah, that my money is coming together. My business is coming together. My relationships are coming together. My family is coming together. The body of Christ is coming together. My ministry is coming together. My marriage and my family are coming together. My budget is coming together. Our governments are coming together. Our leaderships are coming together. Everything is working together according to Your will. Father I thank You, with You nothing is impossible. So therefore, Father, I decree and declare, hallelujah, that the floodgates of heaven are opened. Let it rain. Spirit of God usher us into times of refreshing that You promised will come from the presence of God. I decree and declare that there shall be no more demonic droughts, no more demonic dryness, distress, disease, depression, and no more demonic drama. We come in the volume of the book. It is written of us. We come in the power of God, hallelujah, the God of Joshua, hallelujah, and we decree and declare that every impenetrable wall must come down in the name of Jesus and in the power of the most High God. I shatter barriers, blockages, barricades, and boulders. I declare that I am advancing  according to the purposes, and the plan of God. The cause of Christ is advancing in this region and in every region. I am promoting and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, that the kingdom of God has come. He is King over every region and His kingdom is at hand. We take authority over every demonic stronghold and break the cords and bands of wickedness. We shake evil out of their illegal place and take our rightful seat of authority. We take authority over Satanic altars in the mountains. We stand in the spirit of Elijah and we decree and declare that the God that answers by fire—He is God. We decree that the fire of the Lord destroys every altar. We command that the powers of the enemy be broken off of our lives, be broken off of our ministry, be broken off of our home, be broken off of our mind, and be broken off of our relationships. They are broken off of our body, off of our life, off of our children, off of our marriage, off of our spouse, off of our business, and off of our practices. We decree and declare, hallelujah, that evil has no control over our lives anymore. We break free of evil control, hallelujah, of the enemy. We break free of evil patterns, fetishes, charms, amulets, good luck pieces, talisman, chains, stocks, bondages, incantations, addictions, generational curses, spirits of inheritance, death, poverty, apathy, hopelessness, abuse, helplessness, prayerlessness. We decree and declare-they are destroyed. Wherever and whatever the witches, the warlocks, the sorcerers, the sages, the religions manipulators are using as points of contacts to release curses via pictures, clothing, strands of hair, personal items, garments, bowls, dust, blood, voodoo-dolls, altars, amulets, bowls, water, brooms, mixes, whatever it is: I command it to be disintegrated in Jesus name. Hallelujah! We interrupt lines of communication between familiar spirits and sever illegal activities designed to frustrate the plans and purposes of God in our lives. We command every evil attachment to be broken. We command cords to be broken. We command every stronghold to be broken. We take authority over the spirits of doubt, enmeshment, entanglement, fear, terror, confusion, unbelief, intimidation, sin, and iniquity. We release ourselves from strongholds of the enemy and over dark spiritual forces which bombard our mind. Father, in the name of Jesus, as we stand to pray, we break through the strongholds of the enemy by the hand of God, the finger of God, the Word of God, the blood of Jesus Christ, the fire of the Holy Spirit, the anointing of God, hallelujah, by apostolic interventions and angelic assistance. Father, we arise in the spirit of Zerubbabel, hallelujah, and Elijah, and speak grace, grace to the mountains and their diabolical altars. Father cause them to be destroyed by Your fire.


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  1. Very powerful prayer!

    • god bless the everyone in fountain house make them all serve god with all their hearts.let them all accept jesus as their lord and personal savior amen.i pray that I have no babies and god break the bondage in my head.i want to focus on god will for my life and that it no man name William amen.post it.


  3. Sanchu Mary Samuel


  4. hey guys loving the cindy trim atomic prayer, God bless cindy and the person(s) who took the time out to do this transcript, my hat goes off to you; have a problem though, I cant find part 7 of the prayer

  5. i prayed this prayer,and i love it

  6. i’m so blessed to have come across Dr. Cindy. I will live by this prayer, and I decree and declare that through this prayer and believe,my life,my children,family and friends live’s are restored according to G-D’s purpose, in JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOUR. A revelation indeed!!!


  7. This isn’t the entire prayer. Was it completely transcribed???

    • thankGODforJESUS.org

      Yes, there are 10 parts to the transcribed material – as seen on this site. Please search “atomic power of prayer”

  8. Powerful prayer. I thank God for your ministry. I’m asking may you please email me the 10 parts of the atomic prayer. God bless you.

  9. Great prayer I adore it When I prayed everyday thank you for your prayers post

  10. Amazing. …..Praise the Lord! Amen. Thank you for this life changing experience my life and others will never be the same. God will move like never before. ……Hallelujah!
    God bless,

  11. This is so awesome. I thank and praise GOD for these powerful words for they are not just words. They are transforming properties and bless GOD for Dr. Trimm. I pray that the LORD JESUS CHRIST will replenish and restore all to her that she puts out 100 fold in JESUS NAME!!

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