Atomic power of prayer words PART 3

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We establish the lordship of Christ over this region. I declare that their powers impotent over this region. I declare according to Isaiah 9, 6 and 7, “for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon His shoulder; and His name shall be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the prince of peace, of the increase of government and peace, there shall be no end. Upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom—to order it and to establish it with judgment from henceforth even for evermore. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this. Life up your heads oh ye gates, be ye lifted up ye everlasting door and the king of Glory shall come in. I remind you once again, hallelujah, that the zeal of the Lord shall perform this. Hallelujah, there is none like my God. There is none that is powerful, hallelujah,  as my God. He is Jehovah Gabor. Father we worship you. We praise you. We will not bow our knees to any other God. Father there is no other god like Jehovah.  Father we take authority over the prince of the power of the air and establish our superior authority over this region in Jesus name.  Bring to an end satanic oppression, satanic opposition, and false burdens. In your wrath scatter the activities of our enemies and in your scorn orchestrate their division.  We decree and declare that our mind is free of any and all strongholds. Whom the son sets free is free indeed. We command the heavens to be opened. Father clear the path and reach supernatural highways of any satanic barricade that will hinder our prayers. Hallelujah we arrest, hallelujah in the name of Jesus those entities that are responsible for demonic trafficking and prohibit further interruption, interference and interception. I put prophetic and apostolic pressure upon heaven. I command every demonic portal to be opened. Gates of brass, bars of iron be opened. Father close every satanic portal, give the enemy no access to the regions that are off limits. Let there be no demonic and satanic encroachment. As I advance, I decree and declare that every stronghold over this region is broken from off of my mind. I decree and declare that the lord jams in my mind a cleared giving the Holy Spirit unrestricted and unhindered access into my mind, soul and spirit. I decree that there will no be demonic high jacking of supernatural insights, prophetic revelations, witty ideas and creative inventions, divine inspiration, wisdom, knowledge flows freely in the name of Jesus every mountain must be made low, every valley must be brought up, every crooked place must be made straight that I now advance on a level plane field with wisdom strategies and divine tactics made available to me upon demand.  I decree that spiritual mountains, relational mountains, political mountains, you must be moved. I break through that which is insurmountable and impenetrable. I break through impenetrable walls and barricades into the realm of the miraculous, into the realm of the supernatural, into the realm of increase, abundance, prosperity, influence, affluence and wealth. I declare that I advance past stubborn problems and situations, inflexible people who stand in the way of favorable, legal, economical spiritual negotiations, strange occurrences. I command you to move by the power of the blood in the name of Jesus. I take authority of the power of the enemy that is responsible for building satanic alters ancestral spirits of inheritance to interference with my advancement or interrupt my progress. I ploy my way through demonic barricades. I decree and declare that every Jericho wall must come down. I possess my possession. I take authority of issues originating from the camp of the enemy. I decree a divine sudden intervention and miracles. I command every situation and circumstance to come into divine alignment in the name of Jesus. I reverse every curse. I excavate and unearth demonic seeds legally planted in my mind, my soul, my spirit. They shall not take root. They shall not be incubated, nurtured, nourished, fed or watered. I destroy them now. I receive only that which emanates from the mind of God. Seeds of hope, seeds of faith, destiny, power, success, and prosperity, seeds of Holiness, righteousness, seeds of Godliness, seeds of ethical dealing, seeds of morality. I resist  and avoid and refuse all abortive activities, I carry full term. I break out of every demonic limitations and prisons, doors of brass, bars of iron—be blown into smothering by the mu-rock Ellet winds of the spirit. I choose to break out of limiting situations. I break the power of imprisonment over my mind, my ministry, my soul, my spirit, destiny, my future, my voice, my family, my finances. I break out, I break free! I declare and decree that I have authority over all destiny altering activities, satanic sanctions, and impositions in the name of Jesus. I decree that every demonic prison be opened. I release my church, my future, my nation, my government, my family, my children, my ministry, my anointing, my influence, my reputation , my name, my peace, my joy, my happiness, hallelujah, my health, hallelujah, I release it in the name of Jesus, from being controlled by demonic forces. I break out of confinements. I break out of barriers, limitations, in the name of Jesus, I break free from physiological bondage, emotional bondage, physical bondage, sexual bondage, spiritual bondage, financial bondage, bondage that is created by substance, organizational bondage, ego entanglement, demonic sorority and fraternities in the name of Jesus.

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One Response to Atomic power of prayer words PART 3

  1. Michael lynch says:

    this is the most powerful prayer I’ve ever heard! I I’ll use these words often,,and I ask the holy spirit to carry these words to your throne room!