Atomic power of prayer words PART 4

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Everyone who is plotting my demise, who secretly harvests resentment of my success, I free your mind and soul from the stronghold. I demand you let me go, release me from your heart, release me from soul and mind. I decree and declare whom the son sets free is free indeed. If I have inadvertently hurt or disappointed anyone, Father, free me from the stronghold of offence, un-forgiveness, bitterness, hatred, and indifference. I repent of my ignorance and immaturity. Do not allow my past to negatively affect my future. I break free of unrealistic expectations, psychological prisons, superficiality, false identities, ego entanglements, soul ties, labels, stigmas that undermine who I am in Christ. I claim my true identify. I decree that today is the dawning of a new day. I cancel every demonic physiological emotional financial debt by the blood of Jesus Christ. Redeem my soul and the soul of my loved ones, employees, ministry, business government, etc. from satanic markets. Free me from the spirit of Judas, friends, loved ones, colleagues, associates, business partners and employees, and all those who have sold me out, free me from them, hallelujah, Father I decree and declare, hallelujah, I am liberated. You have set me free, Father today, according to Psalm 9:15 and Psalm 72:14, Jeremiah 31:11-14, I decree that my soul is delivered and ransomed by the blood of Jesus, hallelujah, from satanic markets, power of the six regions of the underworld. My soul shall not be held hostage, it shall not be besieged. I break free from the snare of the fowler. I mount up with wings of an eagle. I employ and apply the blood of Jesus Christ, which has ransomed everything concerning my life, destiny and purpose. I have been ransomed, my family has been ransomed, m future has been ransomed, my finances have been ransomed. I secure my future and destiny in Christ Jesus. I secure the future of my loved ones, my ministry, and community in Christ. I secure the future of my siblings, my children, my grandchildren, God-children, nieces, nephews, aunties, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents, in-laws and outlaws, in Jesus name. Redeem their soul from the powers of the underworld. I declare and decree that they shall not become victims of fornication, prostitution, pornography, or gang violence. They shall not beg to eat. They shall not experience homelessness, helplessness. They shall not die prematurely or from addictions. They shall not become a statistic or out of school. They shall not be seduced from the love of God. Remove their souls out of satanic markets and prisons. Remove the sentence of death from their lives and superimpose the spirit of life in Christ Jesus over the spirit of death. I veto and reverse the curse within out blood line, hallelujah, we degree and declare our family is delivered. We break free from the bondages associated with idols, curses, witchcraft prayers, blood sacrifices, ill wishes, demonically arranged marriages, brides of satan astrology, astrological signs, dabbling in the dark arts, wiji boards, juju, voodoo, astrological projections, say aces, tarot cards, hallelujah, tea-leaf reading, palm reading, in the name of Jesus. We decree and declare  that our family is free, hallelujah, from the dark arts, in the name of Jesus, from Santeria, hallelujah, and from every kind of satanic activities, in the name of Jesus, I thank you God, hallelujah, that you, hallelujah, are delivering us, hallelujah, every single day. Father, in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Christ, we reverse the effects of demonic injections, hexi spells, deposits places in our food, vitamins, waters, hallelujah, prescriptions, hallelujah, reverse the effects of satanic implants that causes addictions, cellular mutations, disease proliferations, deformity, handicaps, abnormalities, disfigurations, hallelujah, paralysis, inabilities, dementia, nitrogen, listlessness, insomnia, stunted growth and underdevelopment, confusion, suppressed immune system, attention disorder, hyperactivity, bipolar disorder, incurable disease, cancer, compromization of organs, tumors, clutch, aneurisms, handicap, birth defects, complications in child births, spontaneous abortion, we reverse it! In the name of Jesus. Father we repent of al covenants and contracts that we have made knowingly and unknowing with demonic spirits. We repent of taking counsel from demonic spirits and satanic representatives. Father, we decree and declare, hallelujah, that the reproductive organs of spirits, hallelujah, is free from any kind of satanic penetration. Father we repent from bowing our knees to idols, to anti-Christ cultural images, embracing doctrines of demons, accepting satanic ideological philosophies, religions heresies. Father, deliver us by your truth for your word is truth. Forgive us of any and all misdemeanors, misunderstanding, malice, carnality, rationalization, indifference, hard-heartedness. Father we decree and declare that the evil one has no place in us. We decree and declare, hallelujah, our independence from all these strongholds. Cleanse our mind by the washing of the word with your water, create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us. Let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our heart be acceptable in thy sight O lord, our strength, our redeemer. Set a watch over our mouth and keep the door of our lips. Let not evil communication proceed from our lips. Super impose the fruits of the spirit on the weaknesses of our temperament and the proclivities of our flesh. Hide us in our pavilion and your secret place of the Most High God. Lead us along the part of righteousness for your name sake. We decree and declare that we have integrity and whom the son sets free, I reiterate, is free indeed.

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3 Responses to Atomic power of prayer words PART 4

  1. Sis Don says:

    Amen! where’s the other parts?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey thanks for part 1-5. Such a powerful prayer! …Where is part 6?

    • Blessing says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Use the search bar to the right to search “atomic power of prayer” to get all the parts. 6, 7 & 8 are now available. There are only 2 parts to complete the prayer, which will be posted within days.