Atomic power of prayer words: PART 5

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Atomic power of prayer words transcribed: PART 5 (BREAKING TIES & CURSES)

According to Deuteronomy 32:13 and Job 29:6, make us to ride on the high places of the earth, to eat the increase of the fields, to suck the honey out of the rocks, wash our steps with butter and cause oil to flow out of the flinty rocks. We decree and declare that our past is past and we press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Forgive us Father for carnality; wash our minds of hidden agendas. We decree and declare that our feet have been loosed from the snare of the enemy that causes bondages, immobility and paralyses. Father we decree and declare that we are free to advance to fulfill our purpose and to maximize our potential. We cannot be resisted, stopped, hindered or prevented. Our territories are enlarged. We shall not be marginalized, ostracized, or held back in a cave. We shall not be held back, tolerated, beat down, bruised in pain, chained in hurt, anchored in bitterness, trapped in disbelief or depression. Hallelujah! We shall not be cheated of our inheritance, prevented from advancement and ascension. Heavenly Father, Supernatural God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the covenant-making, the covenant-keeping God, grant us the grace and courage and capacity to walk out of the old and into the new. Severe all inappropriate and diabolic soul ties and entanglements. Grant us wisdom, insight and instructions for renegotiating old covenant relationships. Reveal to us divinely open portals; reveal to us your daily assignments and agendas and timetables, hallelujah, so that we can operate in a correct timing. Father we are saying that there will be no spirit, no individual that would cause us to move out of the timing of the Lord. We are synchronized and syncopated to your divine timing and to your divine timetable. So Father, in the name of Jesus and in the power and the authority of the Holy Ghost, we break curses associated with idle words and actions. Extinguish satanic firebrands, reverse diabolical cycles, and release us from unprofitable bewitching relationships. Reverse all evil arrangements. We resist and reject manipulations and manipulators. We reverse sabotage in the name of Jesus. Father free us from the things, conditions, behaviors, mindsets, activities and people that have lassoed us, restricted us, bound us, soiled us, derailed us, distracted us, controlled us. Deliver our souls from the mouth of the lion and the Vernon of the snake. Destroy the serpentine spirit with your fire even as you let the children of Israel through hat great and terrible wilderness where fiery serpents and scorpions and drought—where there was no water. According to Luke 10:19, Hallelujah! I take my place of authority and impose it over serpentines and scorpions and declare and decree we shall not suffer any hurt Hallelujah! We shake off demonic attachments. Father by your fire, draw out the serpentine spirit from its inconspicuous rocks. Hallelujah! Cause your fire to utterly destroy it in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah! Father we declare hallelujah that we are free and that you are causing the anti-venomous power of the blood of Jesus Christ to protect us from the venomous activities of the serpentine spirit. Cause its venomous activities to be make impotent in lives, the lives of our loved-ones, associates, employees, ministerial colleagues, etc. Put a hook in the mouth of the leviathan. We know we cannot fight this power on our own. You are Jehovah Gibbor; and in the name of Jesus call on you to destroy the effects that satan has had on our communities, our countries and nations. We cry out for every institution. Father we prevail in prayer for the family, for marriage, for the church, for school and for government. Free us from strongholds as we decree and declare our economies and free from recession and litigation. In the name of Jesus, we decree and declare our societies and communities and free from violence, unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, homelessness, rape, domestic violence, lawlessness, incest, alcoholism, drug-abuse, perversion, circularization, witchcraft, cultic activities satanic technologies, bewitchment, drought, economic hardship, communicable social disease, anti-Semitism, abortion crimes of hate, ethnic cleansing, indifferences, and satanic stupors. Father we decree and declare that families are free from demonic domestic violence, Hallelujah!, Incest, dysfunction, hunger, lack, shame, child-abuse, and abandonment. Our marriages are free from cheating, adultery, spousal abuse, the breaking of covenants, emotional physical, financial abandonment. Our businesses are free from white-collar crime, bankruptcy, loss of customers and clients.

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11 Responses to Atomic power of prayer words: PART 5

  1. Ann says:

    Where can I get the remaining part of this awesome prayer.

  2. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much for transcribing the prayer

  3. Favoured says:

    thanks so much for the transcripts. If only i could pray like her. M so tempted to memorise this and be blessed. I listen to it every morning on youtube.

  4. Highly favored from South Africa says:

    This prayers have really transformed my prayer life, I believe I am beginning to sound so much like you when I pray. Thank you for allowing God to use you so mightily.

  5. ZiphoZihle Nabe says:

    Thank you so very much for having transcribed the prayer. I am now to target specific parts when praying as is needed in my life for that particular day. Again, thank you very much

  6. emmanuel amihiel says:

    i love your prayers please send me more

  7. Thoma says:

    I love your prayers they are so powerful and I know that they will help me for many years to come thank you so much please send more thank you and God bless you