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Being A Good Person Will Not Take You To Heaven

Sadly, many people think that as long as they are good to people and stay away from committing crimes such as murder, then they are guaranteed a great life after death. Do not be fooled, God cannot be mocked. Your goodness and righteousness are as filthy rags before God and will not win you any price.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glorify of God – Romans 3:23

We are are not sinners because we sin, we are sinners because we were born into sin, and naturally bear a sinful nature. This is why even our goodness do not qualify us for life eternal, we all need a savior. Sin is deadly and leads us deeper into a pit and eventually destroys us. This is why we need Jesus Christ. And for this cause did the son of man, Jesus Christ, come and die that He would destroy the works of the devil and set us free from bondage. Only pride in man will make him refuse to ask for help or receive help when he knows he is drowning. Jesus Christ is that help that He is all we need.

The Walking Dead

Many are walking-dead. They are dead spiritually but alive to the physical eyes. Man is a spirit, he has a son and lives in a body. The real man is the spirit and if the spirit is dead, the man is dead. He has only look alive in the physical but for a short time. This was as a result of what happened in the garden of Eden–when Adam and Eve chose to believe the lie of the devil and eat of the fruit that God told them not to eat. When they did this, they died (spiritually) just as God said they would if they eat of the fruit. They were completely disconnected from God from that time and our only hope now of being reconnected back to God is through Jesus Christ. This is the life He came to give us. You must be saved!

Jesus Died For You & Me

Jesus has already done the work. He died for you but if we do not believe and receive Him, we will perish. This is the only requirement. Believe!

“He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” – Mark 16:16

Good Works Will Not Take You To Heaven

Just as good works will not take you to heaven, “bad works” is not what takes you to hell. You can do good works, look holy outwardly, feed the poor, and be good to people but if you are not born again and believe in Jesus Christ you will go to hell. If you are not “bought” and blood bath by the blood of Jesus Christ, you will go to hell. It’s simple. Everyone was born into sin and has a sinful nature and MUST BE SAVED! It is salvation that takes you to heaven and not wearing earrings, or trousers or doing lawful things.

This is the reason Jesus Christ came to save us from the law because the strength of “sin” is the “law” (1 Corinthians 15:56). This means as long as you continue in your strength to keep the law, you will continue to sin and even worse. But if you live under grace, sin shall not have dominion over you (Romans 4:16). Also, the scriptures say if you break one law you have broken all (James 2:10).

You are NOT justified by good works but by faith

No matter how good you are, you must be saved by faith through grace. Grace is the life you are guaranteed. You must be saved! Are you ready to receive Jesus Christ into your life and be alive unto God? Say this prayer with me

Prayer For Salvation

Your Turn!

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