Beware of Hair Extensions, Wigs & Artificials sacrificed to Idols

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For the sake of those whose hair is unhealthy or perhaps do not have hair at all, there is nothing wrong with moderately wearing hair extensions. It is true that to some extent wearing such is an indirect way of saying to God “I do not appreciate what you have done, hence I am going to perfect on your work”, but the most critical aspect of this issue is that many Christians are putting themselves in bondage by wearing the so called human hair “Remi” extensions and wigs in place of their own hair.  It may look all beautiful outwardly but basically you can decorate your glory by wearing a bunch of snakes on your hair. The kingdom of darkness has invented yet another way of putting many people in bondage and many Christians are blind to this.


Tonsuring or “Sacrificing Beauty”

hairTonsuring also known as “sacrificing beauty” has lead a multi-million dollar industry for those seeking for results. Sacrificing beauty is shaving ones hair and sacrificing it to hindu gods in hopes that the problem for which they are sacrificing their hair will be solved. Thus after the hair is shaved off, it is sacrificed to the hindu gods and then processed and sold to those interested in human hair whether it be Peruvian, Brazilian, Indian, etc. Although not all hair is sacrificed, much of the hair women wear today is sacrificed to hindu gods in Indian temples. Unfortunately this leads to people putting themselves in bondage for many reasons.


Your Crown of Glory

  1. Ones hair is, or better yet, symbolizes her glory. (1 Corinthians 11:15). This does not mean that if a person is bald, then they don’t have a “glory” but in essence your glory sits on your head. That’s why the bible says Jesus is “our glory, the lifter up of our head (Psalm 3:3). So when you wear someone’s hair on your head, whatever they are afflicted by can be partially transferred to you. As you may already know “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”, which means that we all need deliverance after we become genuine Christians, that is accept Christ into our lives. I also believe that when we become regenerated and reconnected back to our Father (receive Christ), we receive a level of deliverance that opens our eyes and ears to know, see and hear the truth (word of God) but “deliverance” is a continuous process.
  2. When a hair is sacrificed to idols and someone wears it, they put themselves in bondage. Basically if a person has not received Christ, are still blinded and in darkness and you go and take their hair to cover yours, you are putting yourself in bondage.
  3. Ones glory can be replaced with wickedness and you can cover your own glory with the glory of someone else and operate in their glory (which may be afflicted, stolen or damaged) hence you operate in a low degree from what you should be operating on.humanhairsorting


You may say “curses have no effect on the saved” and those that Jesus has salvaged are free indeed; but if Jesus says don’t wear it and you choose to for the sake of outward beauty, you will bear the consequences. You will have to learn to be obedient. Don’t let ignorance put you back in bondage from which Christ has saved you.

When a person brings something into their home that is cursed (whether knowingly or out of ignorance), it gives the enemy a legal right into that home or to that person. Deuteronomy 7:26 says, ” Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.” The central point is that a believer should rid themselves of any cursed object! Case in point Acts 19:19: the people of Ephesus destroyed the cursed things in their life.Men Shaving Women's Heads


  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and if you must wear one of those, make sure you pray on the hair before putting it on.
  2. Cover your head with the blood of Jesus and remember Psalm 3:3
  3. Get educated on the subject matter so that when the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about what you have learned or what to do in a given situation, you will yield to Him and help others, too.
  4. Wear with moderation

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