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By God’s Standard, Are You A Thief?

The Word has warned us not to give place to the devil but many people engage in this same act in many ways including stealing. They are giving place to the devil through thievery or stealing and this is how the devil is also stealing their blessings daily. They are abhor abominable materials and this is acting as an open door. If you are found a thief, you give the devil  a right to steal from you whether you know it or not.
Neither give place to the devil. – Ephesians 4:27
According to the bible, the following scenarios are just some examples of things a person can do that makes them a thief or one who has stolen. They would have to repent from such behaviors and close doors. Besides these are not rupturable behaviors and such things should not be found in our members.

By God’s Standard, Are You A Thief? 17 Examples!!

  1. If you ‘re jealous of people that ‘ve stole something, you ‘re a thief.
  2. If you are secretly admiring those who cheated and got away with it, you ‘re a thief.
  3. If you are only afraid of steeling because you will be caught, you are a thief inside (in the heart).
  4. If you ‘re wishing you can take something that belong to someone, you ‘re thief.
  5. If you ‘re a preaching & you are ministering for gain, you ‘re a thief.
  6. If you have a concept of getting something for nothing, you ‘re a thief.
  7. If you ‘re using your company supplies, without permission, you are a thief.
  8. If you are stealing from hotel rooms on your way out, you ‘re a thief.
  9. If you take something from someone and hope the person will not remember, you are a thief.
  10. If you hit a car and run away because you don’t want the owner to discover you there or pay repair fees, you are a thief.
  11. Every form of cheating or fraud is stealing, and that makes you a thief.
  12. If something was kept in your care but you appropriate it for your selfish use, you are a thief.
  13. If you are collecting contributions and agree to contribute, but then everybody contributes and you refuse to contribute, you are a thief.
  14. When you refuse to return something to the owner, you are a thief.
  15. When you purposely arrive to work late and pretend to clock in on time for full pay, you ‘re a thief.
  16. When the launch hour is one hour and you took 3 hours, you are a thief.
  17. Hyping and lying on your taxes/filling to get some money makes you a thief.
Giving place to the enemy means to abhor abominable materials; and this is how we give room for the enemy to steal our blessings. Give no place to the enemy!!

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