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20 Reasons Why Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen

Many Christians are mouth-professing Jesus and on their way to hell. Examine your life today and do the will of the Father, otherwise you will be left behind. “While the law is not the gospel, the gospel is not lawless. That a person said the salvation prayer or even had an encounter with Jesus is not guarantee or easy pass to ...

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Should True Christians celebrate Halloween?

I snapped this picture of a halloween store and immediately it happened! What happen? Well, it occurred to me that there is indeed a thing called “the spirit of Halloween” and it has a purpose. When you reflect on the high rate of rituals practiced during halloween (darkness, fright, witchcraft, etc) and the spiritual implications of such rituals and scare missions ...

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Dangers of yoga excercise: a spiritual ritual

If you practice YOGA, you practice Hinduism and open the door to many demons including the cobra serpent also known as kundalini and the goddess of death whilst greeting and worshiping the sun. Those who continually practice yoga, open more doors to evil forces that bound and manipulate their mind, body, soul and spirit. Yoga is a spiritual deception but ...

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A Form of Divination: Horoscopes :designed to trap you!

Unknown to many, there are several forms of subtle divination, occultic practices and witchcraft (such as Psychics, Tarot, Palm reading, Ouija, horoscopes (also known as zodiac sign),  astrology and all forms of divination. Many people end up practicing them for lack of knowledge. Due to the vast nature of these practices, I have broken them down into segments therefore this ...

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Venom Energy Drink, WHAT?


I have never tasted the venom energy drink but today as I was driving I saw the van. What caught my attention was the eyes looking straight at me from behind. I am not trying to stop people from buying the venom energy product but from what I perceived this drink “venom energy” is probably not something you would want ...

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How to be delivered from demonic oppression originating from practicing yoga

Some 7 (seven) ways to consider to obtain your deliverance If you ever practiced yoga you most definately need deliverance. The depth or extent of your deliverance may not be the same with someone else who practiced yoga as you did but the fact that you practiced it at all calls for deliverance. Things may not have become really bad ...

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Hidden Lies of Yoga

One branch or path of yoga is called Hatha Yoga and this is probably what most people in the West associate with the word “yoga” and they believe it is being practised only for mental and physical health. Some of the positions in yoga are not quite as harmless as they may appear, but are obviously of occult origin, as ...

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