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The Blood Triumph – Part 2

CONTINUED: PART 1 Excerpts from The Blood Triumph by David Oyedepo. | The Blood Triumph There are some principalities you can destroy with the anointing & word but when it comes to Satan Himself, the blood of Jesus is God’s irresistible last card! The blood of Jesus is the instrument for purging inside of man, which is the platform for the operation of ...

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Triumph of the Blood of Jesus Christ – Part 1

After reading the Book: Triumph of the Blood by Bishop David Oyedepo. I was so blessed that I couldn’t help but share. I am a strong believer of the word (water) and I always use it in prayer for victory. But I noticed somethings (demonic forces) remain defiantly stubborn and I have always asked why and what could remove them out of ...

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The Four Living Creatures Before The Throne of GOD

The four living creatures seen by Ezekiel and John guarding the throne of God reveal some aspects of God to us; and these symbols helps us to understand/know God more. The living creatures seen by John are the same seen by Ezekiel except that the wheels were not present in the vision seen by John because the scene is in heaven. ...

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Animals That Reveal Aspects of GOD

There are so many animals, if not all, that reveals aspects of God that learning about Him becomes easier than we could ever imagine. It only takes paying attention to the things around us, animals, nature, man, the things He uses, and we are closer to knowing Him more everything. The list is endless but some of these animals are ...

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Characteristics of GOD seen in EAGLES

There are many characteristics or traits of GOD seen in an eagle and if we pay attention to them, we will learn more about God, why and how we can be like him as we transform from day to day. CHARACTERISTICS OF AN EAGLE/ CAN YOU FLY? 1.Eagles have a keen vision. Their eyes are specially designed for long distance ...

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