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Why You Must Tame Your Tongue

Watch what you say, what you think & how you think it, your tongue has power. When you start praying in the spirit, it will even increase in impact whether you realize it or not …so begin to descipline yourself with your words. God only says what He means and means what He says. Let’s assume you ‘ve a child ...

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30 Scriptures Reveal God’s Plan For Wealth and Riches

wealth and riches

Some people believe that it is God’s will for us to live in poverty. Using “Matthew 19:24 and Luke 16:19-31, they claim that if you are rich then you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. They say that anyone who spends to the extent of buying jets, houses, etc are wicked. But this is absolutely wrong. As the scriptures ...

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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas??


Whether Christmas means “anointing depart” or not, if people want to celebrate the birth of Christ on Dec 25th, they ‘re free to do so. Everyday is God’s, for the earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness, so giving it to the devil is unscriptural. Every-Day is God’s Day Everyday is God’s day, therefore honor Him. The earth is ...

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Why Tithe? 10+ Reasons Why Believers Should Tithe?

As we have already seen in “Principles of Tithing”, there are benefits to tithing and it is a choice; God will not force you to Tithe. But know that there is an advantage or shall I say “increase” that is tied to tithing and only Tithers are guaranteed such. (Zach 1:17, Matt 6:33, Hag 2:6-8, Ex 35:4-5, Ex 3:1-22, Mk ...

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Why You Should Never Borrow or Use Credit For “Prophets Offering”

I was watching “The Word Network” the other day and almost threw up at the things coming out of the mouths of those who say they are prophets, bishops and pastors of God. I watched in amazement as one said that God told her to borrow money from her credit card to pay an offering, another said God reminded him ...

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The Tithing Principle: Tithing The Right Way

It is important that we examine what the bible says concerning tithing rather than follow after every wind of doctrine and lies that are spread throughout the church. Everyone has a responsibility to search for truth by themselves because on the day of judgement, everyman will give account. You cannot blame a pastor for making mistakes (knowingly or unknowingly) that ...

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How To Pray Boldly & Receive Answers Quick

Many people are praying prayers, even dangerous prayers, that God will never answer. Why? …because it is not inline with His word. God will not step outside of His word to please anybody. He is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) and most of all “He has exalted His word above His name” (Psalm 138:2). Another group of people are praying ...

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Understanding Kingdom Wealth & Prosperity: Kingdom Principles For Financial Empowerment

So many people misunderstand prosperity, as a matter of fact, someone once said it was a sin to be rich. Perhaps many people have been brainwashed to think this way due to the large number of false prophets or ministers trying to take money from God’s people, but regardless of what people do, God never changes. God is the same yesterday, ...

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Compilation: How To Grow Your Natural Hair in Christ

It is one thing to grow natural hair and it is another thing to grow it in Christ. Growing it in Christ is coming to that place of appreciation of what He has made and giving glory to Him alone. Remember when you start growing your hair, you would be presented with temptations to go back to where you are ...

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Ditch artificials, extensions and wigs & go natural!

If you want to grow your hair naturally and ditch artificial, extensions and wigs, then continue reading. But before you go any further, I’d like to invite you to read this first : Spiritual Implications of Hair Extensions and wigs over natural hair. How It All Started! It all started when I began to find ways to keep a natural ...

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How to Lend to others with wisdom

Many people today are going into debt and lending to others money they do not have.  Many people are also hindering what God wants to do in someone’s life by helping where you have not been asked to — in the name of “good works”.  Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.- Prov ...

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Spiritual Implications & Impacts of Loans & Borrowing

The Spiritual implications of borrowing are enormous and can negatively impact the borrower. Borrowing is not God’s best and He is certainly not in support of debts. (Proverbs 22:7) Sadly many people are moving further away from God with their finances as they trust more in their credit cards, lines of credit, loans, etc. When the first thing you think of before you ...

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