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What Happened At The Cross Of Calvary – Unseen To The Natural Eyes


Unseen to the natural man, there were many vital things that occurred while Jesus hung on the cross just before He gave up the ghost, when He made a show of the principalities and powers, and when He arose and ascended to heaven to present His blood to Father God. Visuals of these occurrences are priceless because they bring much ...

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Deliverance Prayer From Lions: Fear, Doubt & Intimidation


Agree with me on the first half & repeat after me or use the text provided below. Then I pray over you in the second half. Open your heart, release yourself to Jesus and receive it! Prayers For Deliverance From Lions: Fear, Doubt & Intimidation I rebuke every lion that would stoop and couch down to attack me in the ...

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16 WAYS To Practice Agape Love (W-Series)


What is Love Perfect Love Many times when we hear “give”, we automatically think “money” but there are many other ways to give. Giving comes in diverse dimensions even when we don’t pay attention to it. Giving can be caring for others, blessing others with kind words, loving, expressing ourselves, kissing, holding them, material needs, and many other ways.  It ...

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TEN (10) Ways of Offering to the Lord

hands giving

Many times when we hear “offering” in church or a similar environment, we automatically think “money” but there are many ways in which we can offer to God. Some have stood upon Deuteronomy 16:16 saying one has to always have something to offer to God “Three times in a year shall all thy males appear before the LORD thy God in ...

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Seeds of Wisdom on Relationships Day 1 – 3


Seeds of Wisdom on Relationships by Mike Murdock — A 31-Day Daily Devotional (no copyrights) Mike Murdocks’ “Seeds of Wisdom” is one little book with no more than 20 pages but holds a lot of powerful words to consider in our daily lives and particularly in relationships. There is absolutely no copyright notice on this small book so I thought ...

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Inviting God’s Presence with Music


There are so many ways to invite the presence of God but one way I have come to learn that is very effective in the sense that we don’t let our worries and thoughts and selfish words get in the way is when we play music. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Making music with a guitar, a tambourine, a violin or viola, a ...

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Venom Energy Drink, WHAT?


I have never tasted the venom energy drink but today as I was driving I saw the van. What caught my attention was the eyes looking straight at me from behind. I am not trying to stop people from buying the venom energy product but from what I perceived this drink “venom energy” is probably not something you would want ...

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