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6 Point Q. Series

How To Obtain Deliverance from Evil Spirits

Deliverance from  evil spirits, marine spirits, serpent spirits, or whatever spirits can come in different forms. Depending on the level you want to attain during and after your deliverance from any stronghold, you can choose one or more of the following forms of deliverance. I have broken it down in two main forms to help you understand better. OPTION 1: ...

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6 Ways to Pray the Atomic power of Prayer

The Lord impressed upon my heart to write this “how to” for people who might be wondering how to use the atomic power of prayer or have not considered the many ways of praying this prayer. This prayer has blessed me so much that I truly would like to see others be blessed as well. I’m sure there are so ...

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How to be delivered from demonic oppression originating from practicing yoga

Some 7 (seven) ways to consider to obtain your deliverance If you ever practiced yoga you most definately need deliverance. The depth or extent of your deliverance may not be the same with someone else who practiced yoga as you did but the fact that you practiced it at all calls for deliverance. Things may not have become really bad ...

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Are Divisions in the Church Scriptural?

It seems there are several types of divisions in the church. Some are good divisions and others are bad divisions .This little study will focus on good divisions. It seems not only permissible but biblical for people to divide in the church. As we see in Numbers1:52-54a And the children of Israel shall pitch their tents, every man his own ...

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How to make the most of a prayer and fasting

The scripture demands that the following prayer protocols be observed. Let’s come with a prepared heart to reach out to God – Pro 16:1, Jer 29:13, 1Sam 16:7, Jer 17:9-10 (Jer 30:21) Let’s come confessing and forsaking our sins – Ish 59:1-2, Ps 66:18, 1Jhn 1:9-11 Let’s come thanking, praising and worshiping and hallowing His name – Ps 100:4, Matt ...

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