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Why You Should Never Borrow or Use Credit For “Prophets Offering”

I was watching “The Word Network” the other day and almost threw up at the things coming out of the mouths of those who say they are prophets, bishops and pastors of God. I watched in amazement as one said that God told her to borrow money from her credit card to pay an offering, another said God reminded him ...

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The Mystery of Fulfillment of Prophecy

Every word from the Lord is ordained for fulfillment but many believers are not seeing prophecies fulfilled for many reasons. Elijah gave a word saying “at my word, there shall be no rain for 31/2 years” and then He went and started praying, watching, making deliberate moves to ensure that He saw God’s word fulfilled. Three Steps to fulfillment of ...

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The Spiritual Meaning of Breasts

Have you had dreams of your breasts, one or both of them? Visions of breasts and milk or other symbolic dreams and didn’t know how to interpret your dream or vision? Whether you are male or female, interpreting your dreams correctly can help you move in the path God has called you to. Of course the commentary below can go ...

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Our Savior is Born! Merry Christmas

Whatever you do this Christmas, remember Jesus is the reason for the season! Without us (those who need salvation), Jesus would not come into this world. It was for us that He came to save us, deliver us, set us free from the grip of the enemy. He came in the flesh to rescue us and break the chains that ...

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Praying with/in the Spirit & Authority

I just started this youtube channel: Agapekind for something the Lord laid on my heart; and that is to teach people how He has taught me to pray. The video below is the first of many to come – with texts/descriptions indicating what happened at certain points during prayer. These prayers will offer practical examples with texts/descriptions of what could possibly or ...

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Lifter of My Head

The Lord is the lifter of my soul The Lord is the shelter of my head In Him is all my hope, In Him is all my reasons to live Though life’s storm may bring debris of sadness Though debris of hopelessness and discouragement lingers Though the wind that blows may not be for me The lifter of my head ...

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A Lovely Poem: “I AM”

Read this beautiful poem “I AM” and imagine He, the “I AM” in you and see how He will always be the “I AM” in you! “I AM” by Joy Osas I am a proud king kneeling as I gladly yield my throne I am a soldier willing to obey my commander’s next door I am Abraham offering out my ...

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Morning Glory around the world hosted by VBCI, UK and Prophet Emmanuel Baidoo

When I traveled to the United Kingdom last year, I attended a program “Morning Glory” at the Victory Bible Church International in London and was richly blessed. Although I lived in Manchester at the time (UK), I was so blessed that I made it a duty to go to London every month for the event. MY SACRIFICE If you find ...

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Is Manasseh Jordan a man of GOD?


I want to address an issue that has come up many times with the prophetic ministry and how some prophets minister.  This article focuses on Manasseh Jordan because the questions regarding him has come up severally. Below are some key points to consider. First, when a person, minister or prophet does things in a strange way, a way that is ...

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Learn to prophecy when you pray!

Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:1). The Bible says “There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but they all come from the same Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12:4 CEV). There are several gifts that God imparts to His children through the agency of the Holy Spirit. But from our opening scripture, ...

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Intro: dream Interpretations

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What is in our dreams and what do they mean? Our dreams can be very powerful messages or empty messages. Our dreams can be a powerful ground for communication with God or afflictions from adversaries. I will use a few scriptural verses to answer this dualistic question. Our dreams could even be a ground for spiritual warfare. There is no ...

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Thou Art Incredibly Majestic: Prelude

Thou O Lord art a strong tower and a strong shield But in all thy majesty, thou art a rock of offense The highest degree of purity, the one source of true wealth Yet the fool know you not Ancient one and the redeemer of souls But even the most prominent pays no homage The battle standard, our battle cry, ...

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