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Dreams & Visions

The Spiritual Meaning of Breasts

Have you had dreams of your breasts, one or both of them? Visions of breasts and milk or other symbolic dreams and didn’t know how to interpret your dream or vision? Whether you are male or female, interpreting your dreams correctly can help you move in the path God has called you to. Of course the commentary below can go ...

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Intro: dream Interpretations

What is in our dreams and what do they mean? Our dreams can be very powerful messages or empty messages. Our dreams can be a powerful ground for communication with God or afflictions from adversaries. I will use a few scriptural verses to answer this dualistic question. Our dreams could even be a ground for spiritual warfare. There is no ...

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John Paul Jackson’s Dream Interpretations

 John Paul’s teachings have stirred and renewed passion for God among people of all ages from various faith backgrounds.  His thoughtful “explanations of the unexplainable” and simple, yet profound, concepts help people relate to God and each other in fresh ways. John Paul Jackson has the gift of interpretation and can help you understand how dreams and visions work. Whatever ...

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