How To Completely Overcome Witchs & Wizards And All The Power Of Darkness

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How To Completely Overcome Witchs & Wizards And All The Power Of Darkness (First Canto) – by Iyke Nathan Uzorma, Ph.D  (Author).

Untitled-1-29This book has been such a blessing to me and I am very sure most people who have intently read it have been blessed as well. I recommend this book because of such great eye-openers offered through this book. Understanding key principles discussed in this book will help bring you to your point of breakthrough. Most importantly, in this book, the author sheds some light on the powers beyond the world of man and spiritual warfare. He exposes many of the evil practices carried out by demonic/satanic agents sent to destroy the people of God (things he also did in the past before he was saved by Jesus). Most of the evil perpetrated against the children of God can only be made possible by using some sort of connection, link, or bondage. In the case of a link or connection, it could be with someone related to the person under attack or someone the person knows by virtue of connection” Often times the dark world need agents to report back to them in the realm of the spirit. This can also be done by evil networks around the person.


When evil human agents are involved in such attacks, it is called witchcraft. Dr. Iyke, defines it this way “Witches and Wizards are human beings upholding the consciousness of diverse entities in the spirit realm manifesting the metaphysical powers of satan. They are human agents of the forces of darkness. IN a related spiritual sense, based on the metaphysical, psychic, occultic or esoteric recognition, who is out in one way or the other, directly or indirectly to harm, ruin, control, dominate, manipulate, or hypnotize another human being, is a “WITCH”. And from here, the word “WITCH” may be used in this connection!”.


The blessings of believers can be hindered if they do not abide in God although the blessings ultimately come by the grace of God. Dr. Iyke, testifies “When I was in the occult I could via esoteric  powers of extrasensory perception recognize subjectively one’s blessing in the spirit realm. as well as spiritual position of he who shall receive the blessings including the permission which the Lord may grant to opposing forces for a specific purpose, could determine whether the blessings may be hindered or not. A believer must understand that a blessing which he received comes to him by virtue of his “PRESENT” physical state. ” Consider this: “ At another time I will suddenly speak concerning a nation or kingdom, that I will build up and plant it;And if they do evil in My sight, obeying not My voice, then I will regret and reverse My decision concerning the good with which I said I would benefit them.” (Jeremiah 18:9-10)

Prayers Against Witchcraft

List of Iyke Nathan Uzorma’s Books can be found here


*The manifestation of your warfare or problems may not have pointed you towards witchcraft thus you may think you do not need to read this book but I employ you to buy his book or borrow one and, if not for anything, increase your knowledge


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8 Responses to How To Completely Overcome Witchs & Wizards And All The Power Of Darkness

  1. Kofi says:

    I am looking for books by Iyke Nathan Uzorma but can’t seem to find any except a few that I was able to purchase from, can you help me?

    I can send you money to buy me his books if you can get them.

    I am in Canada and the Nigerians I know have not heard of him.


    • Gift-Blessing says:

      Hi Kofi,

      Iyke Uzorma is a powerful man of God. I find that most people who have not heard of him have not had their eyes opened to see the root cause of some problems/attacks or require a deliverance such as his that would cause them to search for Him or be moved to read his books 🙂

      I have quite a few of them but in order to send you excerpts or short notes like this review, I would have to assign a time to type them up and post but for the most part, I need permission from the author to post more than a certain length except I do a short review like this one

      What books are you looking for? Or what excerpts?

      • Amegah christian says:

        Hi you can email him at info or like and follow him on face book at prof.Iyke Nathan Uzorma @facebook. Com

      • Michael says:

        Hurtful when it is almost impossible to find and buy good Christian books such as this. Try getting books on vanity and they are readily available… Sigh!
        My fellow Christians kindly share or at least give detailed information on where and how to purchase these good Christian books.

  2. fralugg says:

    be blessed man of God.

  3. Please, give to me the full list of Iyke Nathan Uzorma’s books and the method of buying them.

  4. Peter says:

    I am in Abuja Nigeria. Where can I buy Nathan Uzorma’s book?