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Deliverance Prayer From Lions: Fear, Doubt & Intimidation

Agree with me on the first half & repeat after me or use the text provided below. Then I pray over you in the second half. Open your heart, release yourself to Jesus and receive it!

Prayers For Deliverance From Lions: Fear, Doubt & Intimidation

I rebuke every lion that would stoop and couch down to attack me in the name of Jesus (Genesis 49:9).
Through the strength of God, I break the jaws of the lion and pluck the spoil out of his mouth (Judges 14:5).
Deliver me from the paw of the lion (1 Samuel 17:37).
I rebuke the fierce lion that would hunt me (Job 10:16).
Don’t let the lion tear my soul (Psalm 7:2).
I rebuke and expose any lion that would wait secretly to catch me (Psalm 10:9).
I rebuke any lurking lions in the name of Jesus (Psalm 17:12).
I tread upon the lion in the name of Jesus (Psalm 91:3).
I walk in holiness, and no lion can dwell in my life (Isaiah 35:9).
Deliver me from men who are like lions (1 Chronicles 11:22).
Let the lion’s whelps be scattered (Job 4:11).
Save me from the lion’s mouth (Psalm 22:21).
Break the teeth of the lions (Psalm 58:6).
Deliver my soul from lions (Psalm 57:4).
Deliver me from the power of the lions (Daniel 6:7).
Deliver me out of the mouth of the lion (2 Timothy 4:17).
Let the Lion of the tribe of Judah roar through me against my enemies.
Deliver me from the power of the lion.

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