Do Not Eer – Against The Prosperity Message of God

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There will still be people who would remain poor until Jesus comes but the fact is that Jesus died to give every good gift, for every good and perfect gift is from above, therefore do not eer, do not despise the word. You cannot neglect the word because of the wickedness of men. The fact that some false prophets preach prosperity does not mean we should despise the word. I personally disagree with false prophets who preach the prosperity message for the sake of being rich; but I cannot despise the word because of that.

The same word says He died that we might be rich. The Kingdom of God is Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the word made flesh, therefore every word that God speaks that is made flesh is good and perfect so for someone to say that what God has given to someone is of the devil is sin against God. You can choose to accept or decline prosperity but don’t drag others who need to be liberated into poverty because your refuse to enter yourself (Matt. 23:13). Do not eer because you do not understand the scriptures or the power of God (Mark 12:24).

Quite giving credit to Satan for what God does

The devil cannot give life hence he cannot give health, neither can he give anything good. The bible declares that power belongs to God. Jesus also said that all power/authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him, so which power does the devil have to do anything good? The devil does have any power to give anything good, he may make it appear good or look good but the end of it is destruction.

The only power the devil has is wiles, deception, etc or powers stolen. And yes, he can give fading riches through deception but that does not make it good. Every good and perfect gift is from above. Every, all, every single good and perfect gift is from above. Quite giving credit to Satan for what God does. Some believers may not be in God’s perfect will but that does not mean He didn’t give them what they have.

Stop attacking preachers

Stop attacking preachers whom God has sent to preach prosperity. All of God’s word is inspired and given by God for instruction, building and perfecting…so you can’t choose what you want and despise the rest. You can only ask for understanding.

The Point Exactly

The point is ALL POWER belongs to God. We have been translated from darkness to light. Hence satan does not have power over a true born again Christian, neither can he give anything good to a true born again Christian. If God tells you that He didn’t send someone or that they are false, then ask God to expose them but don’t play God by judging men of God for the message they preach. The least you could do is pray for them.  By God’s standard or definition of Good, satan cannot give anything good. So when someone receives something good, again by God’s standard, it is from above…so don’t say it is of the devil.

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