Dreams & Interpretation: Rain Drops

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The interpretations stated herein can be used for Dreams and Visions or Trances

What Do Rain Drops Mean?

Generally…In light of the Kingdom of God, raindrops begin to fall before an abundance of rain, that is heavy rain (1 Kings 18:41). Hence it is a good sign and a hopeful sign for harvest. When the plants or seeds are watered, they stand the chance of growing, but when the ground or soil is dry and rusty, they die. So rain is a good sign.

What Does It mean to be beaten by Rain?

Rain falling on someone could mean “without a covering or shelter”, so being beaten by rain is more likely negative than positive except the details of the dream point you to something positive.

Rain Drops In Light of Inspiration

My teaching will fall like raindrops;
    my speech will settle like dew—
        like gentle rains on grass,
        like spring showers on all that is green—because I proclaim the Lord’s name:
    Give praise to our God! Deut 32:2-3

The anointing, inspiration, prophetic unction and burden of the Lord can sometimes come down like raindrops. The Lord speaks to us this way, sometimes. Many times a vessel may begin to hear or see certain things in a different light as this happens. It can happen very often or occasionally, but that is God speaking to you and it’s coming like raindrops. If you give Him your attention, you will receive more, hence more understanding.

God can speak to His people through a person by laying it on the vessel like raindrops.

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