Dreams & Meaning: Snakes

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Dreams: I had a dream and in that dream, I saw a snake or serpent, what does it mean?

Negative – Snakes are a symbol of lies & deceit, but different manifestations represent themselves differently (Genesis 3, Exodus 7: 12, Numbers 21)

Positive – Snakes also represent the brazen serpent (Numbers 21), the serpent of the Lord (rod of Moses: Exodus 4:2-4) that swallowed up the serpents of the magicians. For the most part, however, we see the serpent of the Lord appear only to undo, confront or confront demonic serpents.

What is the meaning of Serpents or Snakes?

Serpents and Snakes mean:

  • lies & deceit
  • hidden lies
  • the subtleness of the evil one
  • the presence of a deceiving spirit in your life
  • something sneaky

A Rattle Snake

  • responsible for the venomous contamination, malicious gossips.
  • causes toxic relationships.
  • It causes pain and discomfort.
  • It causes confusion,
  • it causes hemorrhaging of joy, peace, finances, natural and spiritual resources.

A Python  

  • overwhelms, creates false burdens, drains spiritual energy
  • exasperates, and swallows up blessings
  • affects marriages & finances, business, opportunities, and blessings

A Cobra

  • responsible for mesmerization, seduction, terror, ego-entanglement, manipulation,
  • mind-control, destiny-altering activity,
  • black magic, white magic, divination, demonology, new age, sent aria, hexes, sorcery, enhancements,
  • dream penetration, deception, and broken focus


  •  constricting forces that strangle,
  • suffocates,
  • stagnate, stifle  and crushes things

The Snake Was Watching You?

  • An evil agent is watching
  • A familiar spirit is monitoring you
  • The devil himself is watching you closely


When you see any of these serpents/snakes in your dream, pray according to the word of God to destroy their connections with you in the name of Jesus Christ.


If you pray against such dreams and they persist, seek deliverance from one or more of the following:

  • witchcraft, divination, spells, and enchantments
  • ancestral or generational curses
  • or any identified roots (resulting in such dreams)
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