The experience: Seven (7) Day Prayer & Partial Dry Fast

This is a summary of the seven (7) day prayer & partial dry fast that I completed two days ago. I have done several 7 days prior to this but this was taken more seriously than others and was liquid only 🙂 so it means a lot to me. I also call it a partial dry fast because it was 3 days absolute (no food or water) and 4 days partial dry (on water/liquid). Below is a short summary of what I learned, saw, derived benefits from (physically and spiritually) and much more!


If I let the Holy Spirit guide me through confidence and determination, without cowering and being afraid of what could happen to me, I can do anything! I will break through any barrier, push through walls, and overcome anything that comes against me!

I have now come to the conclusion that the most battle for food or with hunger is within the first 72 hours and after that the hunger goes away. It almost feels like your flesh can now obey you in that area, no hunger, no taste for food; but this is where most of the work is put into in fasting and prayer. You then have to pray more or push more because when you are idle, you will hear your flesh speak to you from all other angles (other than hunger). If you can push hard enough to go beyond 72 hours, then you can do 40 days.  Nonetheless, I would not advice anyone to just jump into fasting, what I am trying to say is it can become easy as you grow in it. Thus it is most advisable to start with a building block – say you start with 3 days a couple times, then 7 days, then 21 days, then 30, then 40. However you choose to go about it (absolute, partial, denial type fast, etc), I would advise you to follow the same pattern until you get to 40 days.


  • You will likely lose wait. I personally lost about 7 pounds in 7 days but you also look brighter because the glory of God will definitely be seen! 🙂
  • Most obvious signs of weight loss will be seen around your neck & shoulder blade. See picture below.
  • You may shake or feel dizzy sometimes if you overwork your body
  • Your stomach may feel wounded (during the first 3 days)
  • Brighter skin and whiter teeth 🙂 (this is probably just my experience) – I guess when you don’t eat and keep drinking water and brushing your teeth, your system gets cleaned out from top to bottom.


There are so many spiritual benefits when we fast but below are a few of them (even as I experienced):

  • Spiritual Ascendency
  • God gives you new ideas /insights
  • God gives you revelations, visions and dreams to help you grow stronger
  • God shows you area you need to improve on
  • It humbles you
  • Indescribable supernatural strength
  • Open doors (that are eventually be seen in the physical realm)
What Can I Do Better If Given Another Chance?
  • Work less (rest the body during this time basically), if possible do no work at all
  • Pray even more
  • Read more scriptures, memorize and meditate more of the word of God

Seven (7) Days Of Prayer & Fasting (Sample Plan)

Each day was wonderful and offered new things. You can click on each day to see how it all went down!

DAY 1 / DAY 2 /DAY 3/DAY 4/DAY 5 / DAY 6 /DAY 7


I intend to build another block with a 21 day fast like Daniel did but this is subject to change depending on the dictates of the Holy Spirit.

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One Response to The experience: Seven (7) Day Prayer & Partial Dry Fast

  1. Sister Cindy, my God continue to bless your Ministry (a Special Annointing). I was absolutely reminded of all of the precepts of God, and a young man I do business with shared with me. I will share, Chap. Sheilah

  2. Busisiwe says:

    Hello,I believe God,but I want to come back home,I face so many problems in life I feel like confused, lazy to pray giving up,but I know God is alive,people change,I need strong prayer I know God,I’m not giving up..I would like you to pray for me My name Busisiwe Langa