What is Fasting?

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Biblical fasting is partial or total abstinence from the natural carnal desires for the purpose of dedicating your time to the spiritual growth of your “inner man” and the sharpening of your spiritual senses for spiritual warfare. It may be abstinence from :

  • Food (Luke 4:2)
  • Food and water (Esther,¬† Paul)
  • Food and sex (1 Corinthians 7:5)
  • Things that you usually would spend time on and derive pleasure from (TV, Internet, Facebook, etc)
  • Could also be from work (that is, if the work is taking you away from God, it’s time to take a break – away from it, go to the mountains and fast!)

In most cases in the Bible fasting is referring to total abstinence from food. Water is not food, and unless specifically stated in the Bible, was always taken in abundance during fast. Any nourishment taken in food or drink during a fast, breaks the fast and therefore should not be called a fast, but rather a diet.

Under no conditions should, coffee, tea chewing fum or any other stimulant be taken during fast.

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