GOT QUESTIONS: “What is the power of the Holy Spirit?”

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I am quite familiar with gotquestions & I ‘ve noticed they have writers who write about what they don’t know sometimes. The things of the Spirit ‘re only discerned by the spirit, not human faculty or intellect or theological reasoning.But it is my responsibility to give out the truth that I ‘ve seen in God’s word rather than push it aside…so I hope this helps someone out there.

In response to GOT QUESTIONS ARTICLE ON “What is the power of the Holy Spirit?”

Got Question Suggests in their article, What is the Power of the Holy Spirit, that Romans 8:11 states that “All those who put their faith in Jesus Christ are immediately and permanently indwelt by the Holy Spirit” but this is a misinterpretation of the scriptures. If you want to prove this fact, you can use another scripture but not this one.

Romans 8:11 does not in any way suggest that ALL those who receive Christ have the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead in them. Read the verse, it says “IF”, this is a condition…so that statement with the use of Rom 8:11 is misinterpreted. Read the verses before that to see what it is saying.

Secondly, the statement “And, although some of the spiritual gifts have ceased (e.g., speaking in tongues and prophecy)” IS A MAJOR ERROR. These gifts have not ceased. These gifts are manifestations of the “GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST”… so if one argues that they have ceased then you might as well argue that the Holy Spirit has ceased in His work as a whole. Remember the Holy Spirit has a ministry, just like you also have been given a ministry…and He is still doing His ministry & will continue until the end.

What God did in the beginning by His Spirit, He is still doing now — ONLY to those who believe. It’s real simple. People try to put God in a box & try to figure Him out, His BIGGER than anything anybody could ever imagine. Our minds cannot even comprehend Him to start with…

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