How should I handle family members involved in witchcraft and occultism?

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Question: How do we handle family members involved in witchcraft and occultism, since we are not fighting against flesh and blood?

Answer : 

  • Number one [is to] walk in love towards them.
  • And then, rule over their works through the power of the Holy Spirit. Walk in love towards them, but you declare the words of faith, the words of the Spirit, and that will always neutralize the negative activities that they have.
  • Thirdly, preach the word of God to them. So walk in love towards them, never condemn them, but their acts or some activities against you must [be] neutralized through your words of faith and the Spirit. Preach the word to them, because that’s the only way you’re going to make the word available to them so that you can win them. So that’s the way to deal with them.

Answered by Pastor Chris

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