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What Happened At The Cross Of Calvary – Unseen To The Natural Eyes

Unseen to the natural man, there were many vital things that occurred while Jesus hung on the cross just before He gave up the ghost, when He made a show of the principalities and powers, and when He arose and ascended to heaven to present His blood to Father God. Visuals of these occurrences are priceless because they bring much revelations to us.

At The Cross of Calvary

By the grace of God, a few months ago, the Lord opened my eyes to see Jesus on the cross and the black cloud that surrounded Him. It was an amazing scenery…but Joseph Prince’s Animation Video of what happened at Calvary is simply spectacular – confirming what I also had seen in the spirit (although his is more detailed).

When I watched it, something arose in me and I said to myself “After all Jesus went through FOR ME, I can not allow myself to be subdued and oppressed in any way shape or form” It is a powerful visual that I think every Christian should watch more than ones and let the Holy Spirit open their eyes to more revelations.

Calvary Animation Video…

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