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Healing Prayer by Dr. Cindy Trimm Transcribed words Part 1

Father you are the great physician who promised that you will place none of these diseases upon us. You are our healer, you are our deliverer, you are our way maker. You are our miracle worker.

You said in Isaiah 53:5 that you are wounded for our transgression, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and with your stripe, we are healed. Father we decree and declare according to 3rd John Chapter 1:2, ” Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers”. Father I know that thou want me to be healthy. I know you want me to be happy, I know you want me healed, I know you want me to prosper, I know you want me to succeed, I know you want me to walk in optimum health. I know that you want me to live without pain, without hurt, without stress. I know that you want me to live disease free, sickness free, stress free, and therefore I decree and declare according to your word I am healthy and physically fit. Sickness and disease are far from me by your stripes I am healed.

I am healed from every physical, physiological, biochemical, bioelectrical malfunction, from emotional wounds, psychological illnesses, from physical discomfort, from sickness and diseases. I speak Jeremiah 17:14-15 over my life. Heal me oh Lord and I shall be healed, save me and I shall be saved for thou art my praise. Behold they say unto me,  where is the word of the lord? Let it come near. You sent your word to heal us from all our diseases. You word is ny unto me this day.According to Psalm 107:20, I declare that I am healed by the word of the Lord. I speak to every part of my body, be healed.

Spirit of infirmity, loose your hold over my life and the life of my loved ones. Let the fountains of infirmity, affliction, discomfort and pain, dry up now! Let poison and and toxins dry our of every part of my body now. Neutralize the negative effects of viruses and bacteria, drugs and medical treatment now! I decree and declare that any and all physiological, biochemical, hormonal, neurological, organic, systemic, cellular or molecular damage sustained from stress, exhaustion, medication, pharmaceuticals, drugs, medical treatment, X-ray, chemo-radiation therapy, monoclonal antibodies, etc. It is reversed now!I speak health and healing over my cells, my organs and systems. I speak healing to my glands, I speak health and healing over my mind. I speak health and healing over my body. I speak that my brain is healed (3:31min).


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  1. Thankful for the ministry of intercession that Dr. Cindy has allowed God to use her in. These prays work I am seeing such tremedous miraculous results within my entire household. I had been having blindness diabetes asthma and much more for years my eyesight is healed NO spots or temporary blindness, asthma and bronchitis attacks would happen often atleast 30times a month between my children and I we’ve experienced only about 3/4this month total I know this is working and the curses are being broken daily off my husband myself our children extended family, church family and even some of our enemies.God is soooooo AWESOME. BLESSINGS IN JESUS NAME

  2. Rev. Dr. Marilyn M. Carr

    Thank you so very much for sharing with me the first part of the Healing Prayer by Dr. Cindy Trimm. I would very like to have the full script of the prayer for the proper spelling of the specific terms used and the powerful of the Holy Spirit given.

    Please, I really appreciate it. Thank you, again so very much.
    Rev. Dr. Marilyn M. Carr

  3. Marylee Cardona

    My husband has taken off since Sunday night need prayer for him and my oldest son has rebel against me has anger issues Jose Garcia has drug addiction I prayed on sun on breaking Jezebel spirit and I am amazed to see my dreams lately were listed on that prayer God has spoken to clean organize and get in order I don’t work in the summer until school starts and have been praying for a new job today was an open position for clerical duties full time available

  4. I keep listening to this in faith! I need total healing from PPD and from diasistis recti!

  5. This prayer is such a blessing, I listen to it over and over, even as I sleep. I am Believing for healing in my body, specifically for high blood pressure and low iron. I have a doctors appointment today and I’ve been listening to this intercessory prayer all night long believing that there is a miracle that has taken place in my body. Thank you Jesus in advance!

  6. Most beautiful prayer I have heard. I suffered a Stroke about five years ago.I believe I have found how to pray.

  7. Please pray that I will be healed of what has been diagnosed as bipolar disorder. I prayed the healing prayer and fully believe God’s promises. Prayer works! Thank you and may Jesus continue to smile on your life 🙂

  8. Life changing truths are revealed in this website to equip the body of Christ to fight the good fight of faith…not only on the defensive , but also on the offensive

  9. Thank God for this excellent website, I am 80 years old and love to pray these prayers.
    Thank you.



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