How To Find Your Calling & Pursue It

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QUESTION: How Do I know my calling & How Do I Pursue it?

First seek the face of God…although He is so good to us that many times He just tells us without us asking. Howbeit, People can know their calling (in general) through one or more of the following:

  1. Prophecies
  2. God speaking to them directly
  3. In a dream, vision of the night, etc
  4. Through the words of another person.
  5. By Reading the word of God
    • Still small voice
    • audible voice,
    • revelation through His word, etc.

Look Out For Signs

What are you good at doing? What do you excel in? What do you find your heart beating for? Some people can’t stand seeing people cry, beg, suffer, etc. Begin to pay attention to what you find yourself drawn to. Maybe it is writing, preaching, talking to people, comforting them, etc.

How Do I know This?

There are so many ways to know this. For example, you can be watching a preacher or another person on TV or be walking down the road and you will hear within you “that is what I am calling you to do” or along those lines, etc (you get the picture). Sometimes times He speaks to us randomly. Like you might be thinking or doing something else and He would just give you the answer to a question you asked a week ago or month ago. If you are not paying attention, you probably won’t hear Him or you ‘d take it for granted.

Do not seek after prophecies, voices or dreams. Seek Jesus. He is your life, your answer, your calling: ) Also know that He is more excited & happy to share with you what He has called you to do than you are, so spend some time with Him in the word, meditate on it & most importantly know that God orders our steps. You may not know your calling now but He is moving you towards that direction without you knowing it, so just ask Him then believe in Him, trust Him to tell you! It is His pleasure to share with you what He has in store for YOU!

How To Pursue Your Calling

Start doing the things He has asked you to do. Maybe He has asked you to pray for people, call people and find out how they are doing, begin to care for others more than you currently do, start praying and fasting. In the midst of this, He will gradually work you through it all.

Key Things You Can Do 

  • Spend time in the word
  • Pray for others
  • Worship and praise God more
  • Begin to practice what you ‘think’ He may be calling you to do
  • Do not be afraid of what people would say
  • Find a quiet place and spend time with Him alone. You don’t have to pray or do anything, just listen.
  • Continue to seek the face of God.

How To Know Your Calling | What You ‘re called to do

How have you pursued your calling? Share with it! 🙂

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    Prayers are so uplifting, points to God’s mighty power! Encouraging to Christian women around the Globe,