Is Cindy Trimm A Servant of God? Reader Inspired

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QUESTION: I was watching a video by Cindy Trimm and she prayed to the “Spirit of Ashtar.” Are we suppose to do that? I researched and found that the Spirit of Ashtar is a demonic spirit pretending to be a good spirit. Could you tell me what you think because I respect your opinion?


I listened to it. She was praying to God not the spirit of Ashtar. You can’t believe what people say. Think good of them that are called of God. It’s either two things, it was a slip of tongue but God knew what she wanted to say or she said something else which sounded to me as “Ashkar” not “Ashter”. I know she is of God and listening to them prayer was filled with the Spirit of God. It would be an error to say it was another Spirit. People make mistakes, sometimes I want to say something during prayer and I say something else …I’m sure it happens to you, too.

The writer said that was what she heard, but what did you hear? 🙂

What if she meant to say Asher [And of Asher he said, “Most blessed of sons be Asher; let him be the favorite of his brothers, and let him dip his foot in oil] OR at least it sounded like Ashtar (which was what I heard). I didn’t hear Ashkar. The writer heard Ashter, I heard Ashkar…so who is right? Neither of us. We must hear from the woman who said it to know what she was trying to say or at least ask God directly.

This is what I do personally: if God does not reveal to me or confirm by His Spirit, I don’t mess with it. And it has been working for me. Many times God reveals things I didn’t even ask about. He reveals like …FYI 🙂 Basically, I do what He says in His word (think Good of them even as I want others to think Good of me) then He does the revealing whenever necessary. Many times, He reveals to me directly, like opens my eyes to see. In that case, you could see beyond the prayer, or the writer of that article, etc.

This is peace for me 🙂

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