Meanings: Why Jesus’ Bones Could Not Be Broken

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(John 19:36) Why are the scriptures so particular about the bones of Jesus Christ? What was so special about His bones? Why were His bones not broken? It is not because Jesus Christ was already dead at the time the soldiers came to break the legs of the other two thieves; besides there was a reason why He died even before then. This was clearly to fulfill the scriptures …but there is much more to it.

Acceptable Sacrifices in Old Testament

Firstly, In the old testament (Exodus 12:43:46, Numbers 9:12), God specifically told the people to ensure that the sacrifice was not left outside overnight (till morning) and that the bones of the sacrificial animals should not broken. This coincides with exactly what happened to the body of Jesus Christ. Now Jesus Christ was a “sacrificial” offering for the sins of the whole world and thus it was important that His bones were not broken. But Jesus Christ was not an animal, He was God’s word in Human flesh so it would mean much more than just ensuring that the bones of the sacrificial lamb was not broken.

The Word of God

We know that Jesus Christ is the word of God made flesh (John 1:14). Therefore, If the bones of Jesus Christ were broken, then it means that the scriptures can be broken. This is because God had already sent His word in Psalm 43:20, decades before Jesus Christ came in the flesh, – declaring that His bones shall not be broken.

But in order to understand this clearly, let’s consider the meaning of “bones”:

Bones are made up of vertebrates. It is the structures composing of the skeleton of vertebrates. Bones Equal…Jesus Christ Bones could not be broken

  • foundation of physical body parts or Spine
  • strength of character or strength
  • courage, Position,
  • Innermost essence
  • the main support or major sustaining factor.

The Spiritual/ symbolic meaning of His Bones?

Clearly, His bones were spiritually symbolic and connected to what He did on the cross. Look at it this way: If your bones are broken, you will feel so much pain and may not function properly or as you want to. Matter of fact, if your bone (spine) is broken, your whole body will collapse. So this clearly explains the symbolic meaning of His bones and why they could not be broken.

Why His Bones Could Not Be Broken 

The scriptures cannot be broken. Jesus Christ is the word of God and breaking His bones means breaking the backbone/foundation of the word or breaking the strength of the word, which is simply impossible! God ensured that His bones were not broken not just to fulfill the scriptures but also because His bones were spiritually symbolic.

John 10:35: “If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;”

Scriptural References

Psalm 43:20: “The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen.”

Num 9:12: “They shall leave none of it unto the morning, nor break any bone of it: according to all the ordinances of the passover they shall keep it.”

Exodus 12:43-46:  And the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “This is the ordinance of the Passover: No foreigner shall eat it. 44 But every man’s servant who is bought for money, when you have circumcised him, then he may eat it. 45 A sojourner and a hired servant shall not eat it. 46 In one house it shall be eaten; you shall not carry any of the flesh outside the house, nor shall you break one of its bones.”

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  1. Erodney Perry says:

    I’m working on a sermon title, Bruise but but not Broken do you have any support

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      Not at the moment, but that sounds like an interesting topic to me. I’d love to hear what you come up with.