How To Obtain Deliverance from Evil Spirits

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Deliverance from  evil spirits, marine spirits, serpent spirits, or whatever spirits can come in different forms. Depending on the level you want to attain during and after your deliverance from any stronghold, you can choose one or more of the following forms of deliverance. I have broken it down in two main forms to help you understand better.

OPTION 1: Being laid hands on. This is physically undergoing deliverance conducted by a man or woman of GOD also known as Exorcism. The spirit may manifest and consequently commanded to leave your body in the name of Jesus! This may also require some fasting and prayer on your path. Bear in mind that in most cases, after you undergo deliverance and the demon is cast out, you still have to wrestle your way out because the enemy will try to lie to you about your deliverance so you must renew your mind and believe the word of God NOT symptoms or feelings.


Self Deliverance by the Spirit of GOD–This is basically you fighting your way through with the help of the Holy Spirit and by the Word. This comes in  different forms, for example:

  1.  By The Word: You can be delivered by reading the word daily and hammering the issue until it breaks off of you. “Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?” (Jeremiah 23:29) See 8 forms of the word.
  2. Listening to The word : Jesus cast our demons with His word. This means he didn’t have to bind and loose, He didn’t have to command every single one of them to come out, He just spoke the word and as the people listened, they were delivered. The word is water and fire to your soul. Listening to the word intently can set you free from bad habits and additions.
  3. By Prayer: You can get delivered by praying in the spirit daily and using the word of God to attack the situation as you pray. Often times when you spend time in prayer, the Lord opens your eyes to certain problems that need to be addressed. This is an opportunity to attack those problems one at a time. This is because for some deliverance to occur, you have to either attack the principality first for the smaller demons to fall or attack the smaller demons before you hit the ruler demon or principality.
  4. By Prayer and Fasting: You can get delivered by prayer and fasting (dry if possible). Remember fasting does not cast out the demon, instead it casts out “doubt” so that you can believe God for your deliverance. This is because when you seriously fast, your body is brought under subjection, your flesh gets out of the way and then you begin to see how only God can deliver you and as you believe Him and look up to Him, He does it! See fasting and prayer sample plan
  5. While Praising GOD: You can be delivered while you are praising God, during worship. This is because when the fire and glory of God descends, everything that is not of Him in you must give way! Remember our God is fearful in praises (Exodus 15:11) – only believe!
  6. By Meditation and Revelation: You can get delivered by meditating on the particular word that addresses your problem until you catch a revelation. There is much deliverance in revelation. The more revelation you receive, the stronger you become, more knowledgeable, more tougher, more understanding, more Jesus in YOU! See 7 ways of in-depth meditation of the word


Having considered the aforesaid, you may now decide the level you want to be at during and after your deliverance. For example, if you choose to let God walk you through it all even through patience while He brings you to the point of total deliverance, you might find that you are much stronger spiritually than someone who prefers to have someone else conduct a deliverance on them. This is because during your deliverance, you learn a lot along the way. You spend plenty of time in the word, you learn to be patient, persistent, you pray, you worship, you train to be tough and fearless regardless of what God shows you or takes you in the realm of the spirit.


In my experience, I have come to the point where I appreciate and prefer the second option but because we are all crafted and formed uniquely your case might require the first option so seek the Lord in prayer and find out His plans for you. If His plan for you is the second option then it wouldn’t make any difference with someone who chooses to go with the first option. It is what He wants for you that matters–His plan is supreme, you can’t beat it!

Sample Prayers

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