Inviting God’s Presence with Music

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There are so many ways to invite the presence of God but one way I have come to learn that is very effective in the sense that we don’t let our worries and thoughts and selfish words get in the way is when we play music.


Making music with a guitar, a tambourine, a violin or viola, a celo, a piano, drums, whatever it is allows us a greater extent of focus on God. This is because we don’t have much time to think all over the place when we play certain instruments that requires focus. Also making music is also highly recommended as seen throughout the bible. David played the harp, while others had some form they used.


Many times, however, David compelled us (in the book of Psalms) to make music unto the lord with musical instruments. Lately, I have found stringed instruments to carry a lot of waves when they travel and suddenly I fell in love with orchestra, something I have never had a passion for. Other than singing, making melody, meditating on God and dancing to a song or music, one way to invite the presence of the lord really strong is playing a song on your musical instrument or singing with a musical instrument and focusing on Him while letting your heart swim in his tender love.


Focus on Him alone and if there is any more focus required it should be on the key notes. As much as you can reverence Him with your musical skills. If you don’t know how to play any musical instruments, try practicing one or two. It’s always nice to know we can worship God with all that He has given us.

André Rieu РNearer my God to Thee

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