Bishop Oyedepo’s Operating in the Supernatural

As usual, I just finished reading this book : Operating in the Supernatural by Bishop David operating in the supernaturalOyedepo. It is a pretty small book with only 102 pages but it is life transforming.

He opens with “understanding your root in the supernatural”, which was indeed an eye opener. Then he goes further to show how we can work the supernatural, stirring the rod for the supernatural. The supernatural cannot just happen, we have to use our rod of authority, we have to command it, we have to stir it. Let me give you a glimpse into this book by providing you with excerpts:

Who am I? You are a spirit operating in human flesh. But if you don’t know this and walk in its reality, or when you disregard the supernatural, you become vulnerable to every wicked act of the devil. Jesus knew who He was so much so that He became the greatest headache of the enemy.

What you do with the word of God is what determines the wonders you experience and command. Your obedience of faith to His word is what puts you in command of the supernatural.

Whatever He tells you to do, do it, “no matter how unreasonable it may appear. This is the mystery behind operating in the supernatural. The revelation of the word is more important to us than the situation in town.

I really like this:

Until you disregard what the devil is planning to place on your life, you may die a victim. That sickness is not in your body; the devil is only seeking to find out if there is vacancy. When an evil spirit comes to town he goes everywhere, seeking a place to rest. So when the doctor says you have cancer, they are only announcing to you cancer is looking for where to stay, are you available?

One major reason we are not operating in the supernatural is because we have limited it to our understanding of only what God can do. But that’s not the whole truth. Your understanding of what God has done in you to make you peculiar, to make you supernatural is actually what puts you in command of the supernatural, because command requires inner strength and confidence in who you are in Him, not just in who God is.

Your consciousness of who you are in Him is what actually determines what you can handle. Your knowledge of who you are in Him is what determines how much command over affairs on earth you will have, because being in command demands that you be strong and of a good courage.


Clearly, this book has so much in it, I encourage you to grab a copy for yourself!

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