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Praying with/in the Spirit & Authority

I just started this youtube channel: Agapekind for something the Lord laid on my heart; and that is to teach people how He has taught me to pray. The video below is the first of many to come – with texts/descriptions indicating what happened at certain points during prayer.

These prayers will offer practical examples with texts/descriptions of what could possibly or may happen during prayer (from my experience), how to yield to the Spirit and let Him fill you with words you can understand, interpret and build up with.

Praying With The Spirit & Authority.

Your Turn!

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  1. i came across this prayer. i am fasting today asking God to deliver me from spiritual husband and uplift my spiritual life, i came across this prayer and decided to listen to it. As the first prayer was said, i slumped on my chair and lost control of myself. i fell at the point where the voice praying said “right now everyone under the sound of my voice,receive your break through”

    i am still amazed with the power of this prayer. i shall live to testify this experience. i praise God because deliverance comes in many ways. i believe God has delivered me, i have faith in God.

  2. i am in Africa, God indeed all the four corners of the earth heard the words that have been declared in this prayer. God works in amzing ways indeed. the Angels have indeed taken this word and are moving with it. Amen

  3. I am truly grateful for The Lord allowing me to find this website. These prayers are powerful and life changing. I have enjoyed them as I listen to them before I go to bed. I want this word to be in my spirit. My spirit man has been on high alert and I have been able to pray more in the spirit. May God continue to bless you for the work that you are doing. The atmosphere is certainly charged with these words.; cutting, tearing down, and destroying the enemy.