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Latasha Davis asked 2 years ago

Your ministry has blessed me so much! I caught your scope on dreams and Interpretations. I recently started paying attention to my dreams and recording them. Im believing God for Interpretation of my Dreams I know that all Interpretations belong to God and whatever he wants me to know he will reveal it. This Is what I remember that stood out in my dream. In the dream I was running late for work I had a feeling of being late, so Im there Im rushing It seems like im trying to get started ,then I realize I dont have on my Uniform shirt I have on a different shirt It says Pace as the logo so I put this black shirt on to try to cover up me not having on my uniform shirt. Not sure what it means or if its just a regular dream but I keep thinking about it.

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1 Answers
TGFJ Staff answered 2 years ago

You ‘re late for something you are supposed to do or to have done. You are rushing to see how you can catch up and get started with that assignment. Yet you are not prepared for the task, you have not yet positioned yourself with the word / uniform (truth/preparation). You are wearing a garment that is not fit for the assignment. This garment is either connected to beliefs or the truth, mostly in the mind. However, you don’t want people to know or see that you are not prepared o fit for the assignment (most of which is happening internally). Internally, you are trying to cover up (this is normal with most people, coverup so as not to feel ashamed). SOLUTION: Ask the Lord to deliver you from “SELF” and also to help you prepare for the task ahead. You may be late or behind but you will definitely get there. So pray for recovery. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to make mistake, be yourself and always remember God is restoring you… ask Him to redeem the time in your life. The Lord strengthen you in Jesus name!!

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