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meloy asked 2 years ago

I was in a room and a pastor was teaching a message but was showing something on a projector and after it was finished and he started walking to the front of the room and water started running out the wall of the room In front of me and he had his hands full and began to kneel down to turn it off with his chin and my hand went up and waved in a downward motion as he was going to turn it off and it stopped before he could touch it. He looked at it for a second confused at how that happened.

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1 Answers
TGFJ Staff answered 2 years ago

It appears that this dream is more about you and not your pastor. Sounds like God have showered you with gifts of the spirit. (water running out of the walls) but more significantly, your pastor could not operate in the spirit because his hands were not available, but your hands were. I believe that represented you flowing in the spirit.

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