Seven (7) days of Prayer & dry fast – Day 1

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DAY 1, PURPOSE: Worship & Praise God


I started my day well by the grace of God. About 3:51am in the morning, a pastor friend of mine called me so we prayed for about an hour. This was just a blessing to me as I didn’t have to struggle or figure out a time to pray or what to pray about!

Remember the purpose of the entire fast is not just to stay away from food but to cut down on those things that you would normally do. Those things you derive pleasure from, STOP! I started this fast by reading & meditating on Isaiah 58 but I was a bit unfocused today in that I did most of the things I usually would do on the internet. At about 6:48am, I fell back into track and started to be focused. I started to do some things that would put my senses back on track into thinking about the Lord & His spirit that is so alive in and around me!


I started out by reading today’s devotional on Every Day With Jesus Devotional: 365 Insights for Encouragement, Spiritual Growth, and Personal Victory by Andrew Wommack; and then I went into reading and studying the bible for an hour.


Listening puts your mind back on him. It a channel used to feed your spirit with His presence and thoughts of Him. I listened to some uplifting songs and sermons. The point was to just worship God and invite His presence more. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God.


Fed my eyes with things of God. They seem stick to my memory more than the things I heard a few minutes ago. They sometimes come to me as reminders or short clips even while I am doing something else.

Today’s Activity

I made a list everything I know I need to work on and made commitment to do those things. Then I made a plan on how I would tackle these things. I will bring my plan before God soon!

Deep Prayer Time

I finally went into my prayer closet, ignoring all the noise around me & prayed. I prayed for the following:

  • Salvation of souls all around the world
  • The healing of the hurting body of Christ
  • Everybody I know, Don’t know, & Prayer Request on!

Effect of The Day

My body wasn’t exactly strong because I didn’t eat well the last two days prior to starting but I am believing the Holy Spirit for strength to push through!

My Day felt very short for some reason.

A Miracle!

A friend of mine called me and asked if I was at the office, I said no. And then he said well “I want to bring you a freezer”. Bear in mind that we have been in need of a freezer for our small nonprofit office. This was just amazing & made me really happy. Praise God for the gift!

I didn’t go out all day. I stayed home and tried to focus!

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3 Responses to Seven (7) days of Prayer & dry fast – Day 1

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  2. ndiwo mariam says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience in fasting and your advice, I want to fast for 30 days, so please pray for me so I have peace in it and reach then end of my fasting safely and happily. Thanks.

  3. Damaris says:

    Thanks for sharing on how to fast its encouraging