Seven (7) Day Prayer & Partial Dry Fast – Day #4

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DAY 4, PURPOSE: Fulfilling Isaiah 58 through Outreach Efforts  (See Day 3)

Now I refer to this fast as a partial dry fast because I took to the advice of the Holy Spirit, amongst others, and knew I had to take it slow (gradually) and be easy on the body – being that this was my first 7 day absolute/dry fast. So today (after a full cycle of 72 hours) I started drinking water or liquid. So for the next 4 days, I will drink water only. I call it the Jesus kind of fast.

Start of Day 4 (Past Full Cycle of 72 Hours)

Image-1Well my stomach was feeling very sore so I thought it would help if I whole milk + almond milk. So I mixed both in a cup and warmed it up a little bit. Was this a good idea? Well, at about 3:45am I woke up with a severe pain and my stomach was hurting so bad that I was totally emptied out, you know what I mean :). Initially I thought this would make me even hungrier but later I realized how perfect that was because I felt very light after that. So I figured I would just be thankful to God for cleaning out  my bowels 🙂 Then I started drinking water…

Listen & Watch

I listened to and mediated on many songs but the one that got me going was a praise song titled “Mighty God” by Joe Praise. Mediating on the words is simply powerful! (you can watch the video below)

 Battle Of The Mind

As stated earlier, my stomach felt wounded but Romans 8:5 was very much alive in me. I wasn’t going to give up – in fact, I didn’t feel hungry so it didn’t matter to me!

“Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires”



In light of the purpose of fasting as seen in Isaiah 58:4-7, I went out to preach the gospel. I had some kind of supernatural strength words cannot explain. I walked for about a quarter mile and the sun was scourging hot (as you know in Minnesota) but I was happy I did!

The Lord said “GO”

It turned out the Lord had my day planned out for me. My initial plan was to go to my office and really focus – away from the noise at home. I had it all planned out: when I get to the office, I will study, etc and then go out to witness Jesus to people but instead when I got to the parking lot, He said “Go now”. I said now? He said yes “go now”. When you know how God speaks to you, you kind of know what He is talking about or He doesn’t say everything but at times may leave imprint on your heart so you know exactly what He means. So I took my bags out of the car, put them in the trunk and started walking towards a stripe mall.

His Presence

The presence of the Holy Spirit and angels was more real. It felt like someone was walking with me. Sometimes it’s almost like you can feel he was standing right next to me. I was really greatly for this because it gave me all the confidence that I needed.

My Experience

I had a very strange experience. Everyone that stopped to listen to what I had to say and receive a prayer had a name that started with ‘A’. The first person was Audre, Second was Aisha, and third person was Ali. Everyone else did not want to hear me or listen to me. To me, this was a sign I needed to look into.

Audre: I started asking people if I could pray for them for starters and at least 6 people said NO! None would receive me and so I started asking Father to please give one person. Just after I prayed, I turned around and saw a young man walking towards me. I told him I was going around talking to people and praying for them and I was wondering if he had any prayer requests and he said yes. So I talked with him for a little bit prayed for him! Hallelujah!

Aisha: I kept walking and came to a gas station with high traffic. I asked a few people for a minute of their time but no they said. Finally I came to this woman who said Yes! I talked with her for a little bit as well – preaching the gospel, then she told me she needed prayers to stop smoking weed, a new job, etc. I said great, let’s agree together & we prayed and before I left she asked me: can I give you a hug? I walked back to her and opened my arms wide. She was very happy.

Ali: Then after asking a few other people who responded to me but wouldn’t go any further, I started to speak into the atmosphere. Then I asked Father to just give me one more (to make it 3). So while I was speaking words into the atmosphere, a man says to me (mind you he was about 50 feet away so he had to yell a little), are you okay? I said yes! he said why are you talking to yourself and I smiled but this was my opportunity! After talking for a little bit I prayed for him and left.

All of these put together was all I needed to feel super charged for the day! It was simply amazing!


I went to the SummerVival with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke (DAY 3!). Reinhard again preached on a topic he titled “the great commission”.  This was a confirmation to me of what I had done earlier in the day: go and preach the gospel!

A Miracle!

It was strange how strong I felt today. Unlike the other days, I was definitely very strong!

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