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Seven (7) Days Prayer & Partial Dry Fast – Day #6

DAY 6, PURPOSE: Personal Prayer Requests for me & for others

I finally felt free and ready to pray about those requests that I already had written down before the start of this fast. Somehow I knew God already knew about them but for formality sake, I prayed about them.

Prayer & Reading Time
  • 1 hour (in the early morning hours)
  • 2 hours (right before 12am of the next day)
  • 1+ Praise (just praising God)
  • 2+ hours (reading & memorizing the bible)
 Visions & Dreams

So many visions and dreams, many I am not allowed to speak of. However I will share one with you. It was a warfare dream. Basically the Lord took my to the house of my forefathers (as I would call it). And as it happened, two evil spirits were trying to stop me but they couldn’t. So finally, I took a sword/knife and beheaded them both.

I spent most of my day reading, listing, watching, writing, memorizing, and praying! It was a blessed day – packed with power of God! Thank you Jesus


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