Should We Use Smoke During Worship?

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I ‘ve noticed the use of smoke & fake glory a lot in our musical concerts & worship programs. Does this mean we prefer FAKE to REAL? If and when the real GLORY PRESENCE comes, how can we tell the difference?

Just a thought: how honest is it? Doesn’t it create an illusion we wish was there? But brethren, if there is FIRE…the GLORY will surely come, wouldn’t it? Doesn’t speak a lot about our level of faith in the things of God vs. the things of the world? Doesn’t it reveal our focus and faith in God? Do we truly care to encounter the glory realm of God or we are busy with dead works? Do we even want Him to manifest Himself to us in that way or we are satisfied with the fake smoke? Why have we resorted to fake things and replaced the things of God, Holy things, with things made with man’s hand?

The use of smoke and fake glory was engineered by someone, yes, but the idea is not to replace God’s glory. Like someone rightly said: “some prefer manufactured glory than manifested glory“.¬† It was the people of the world who started it and somehow we have brought it into the church.

Truth be told, this can defile the altar, it appears we have put our trust in man-made things and it indicates we do not even trust that God would manifest to that extent, so we invent our own ways to make it happen. Rather than fast and pray, remain at the altar, we prefer shortcuts, we prefer illusions.

PRAYER: May we get back to the altar, may our confidence be in His, not ours

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