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Healing Prayer by Dr. Cindy Trimm Transcribed words Part 2

I speak that my brain is healed. My frontal lobe, my parietal lobe, my Occipital lobe, my temporal lobe, the limbic system, the Pituitary glands, thelmis?, hyperthelmes?, amygdala, hypertempis?, medulla, oblongata, brain stem, nervous system,Corpus callosum, Cerebrum, Cerebellum, They are all healed and they have come under divine alignment and you are functioning like God has ordained you to function. Father I decree ...

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Power Against Dream Criminals

Power Against Dream Criminals is a powerful book that shows you a lot of things the enemy/devil does not want you to know. It gives insight on dream interpretation, kind of dreams and when to take dreams seriously. This book address a very important aspect of the human mind. The battles in dreams and nightmares. After reading this book, I ...

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