The Demands of the Prayer of Faith

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The prayer of faith demands that you labor in the word, build your faith, labor in prayer and praise and continue strong in your relationship with God. The prayer of faith is transmitting scriptural facts to plead your case. Again the prayer of faith is simply trading the truth. The truth is…Written in your bible, so what is the content of the truth? We must be content conscious..because the spiritual realm is where our strength lies. (Col 1:12, Col 4:12). See: What is the prayer of faith? 

Labor in the Word

It is vital that we spend time in the word in order to be effective; and to discover the reasons why God must answer our prayers. Remember Faith comes by herding/understanding the word. So the more you read the word and seek after it, you increase in Knowledge and understudying. The deeper your understanding, the stronger your faith. Faith has to be consciously cultivated and not assumed – hebrew 4:10-12. It takes laboring in the word to arrive at faith. Search until you find what you are looking for – 2 Timothy 4:13

Study Addicts = Giant of Faith.

Acts 24:14, Phil 4:13 – Sit at the feet of the masters of Faith by reading books and resources.

Labor to build your faith

Hebrews 4:2 – Consciously build your faith through “meditation” – 1 Timothy 4:13. God is my personal physician so my case is different. Isaiah 53:4, Isaiah 53:1, Matt 8:17, 1 Corinthians 6:17. There is a blood price on me, my body. My body must glory God – 1 peter 2:24. Be willing to have your faith tried (1 Peter 1 and 4). Remember the scriptures cannot be broken (Genesis 15:8-14).

Every prophecy will be dormant except we engage the prayer of faith.Changes don’t just occur, changes are triggered by revelation. Every man that catches the revelation is a man in the spirit – Revelation 1:10.

Labor in Prayer

1 Kings 17:1 paints of picture of what we are to do sometimes when we pray the prayer of faith. The word was sent forth…then the prayer of faith went after that to ensue nothing changes the word. After the word had gone forth, Elijah prayed earnestly for 31/2 years that there be no rain. The word has gone forth and it is our duty to enforce it.

Your relationship with the Lord is strengthened every time you spend time with Him, in the word, by listening to anointed preaching and readings books and materials that help you grow spiritually.

Labor in Praise

The prayer of faith is a spiritual seed that guarantees results (Prov. 18:20, Heb. 13:15, Roam 4:19). The prayer of faith is more effective by laboring in praise and giving glory to God.

How To Achieve All of the above
  • The power of the Holy Ghost
  • Power of Prayer
  • Power of the word
  • Power of sound reasoning
  • Power of wisdom

They are for establishment of your desires, use them.


Remember that His work is above His name. Anybody can use His name but not every can use His word.


This article was taken from notes made while listening to a sermon by Bishop David Oyedepo on “The Prayer of Faith.

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